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Why Won’t My AC Even Start?

ac-unitWhile this time of the year may not see the most intense temperatures of the cooling season, you still want to know that your AC is going to start right up reliably. There is plenty of hot weather to come, and our air conditioners are definitely not going to be sidelined in the immediate future. That is why an air conditioner that will not even start up is such a major concern. Does this always mean that you need professional AC repair in Clovis, CA?

No, it does not.

Now, let us clarify this just a bit. We’re not saying to attempt any AC repairs on your own. Any and all air conditioning repairs that you need need to be completed by professional technicians. What we are saying is that certain issues that could lead to an AC failing to start up may not require repairs, period. What types of problems may lead to this bigger issue? That’s what we’ll discuss further below!

Did You Check the Thermostat?

Talk about a problem that you don’t need a professional to come out for. We know that this sounds a bit obvious, and we are definitely not trying to be condescending. The fact of the matter is, however, that this is a common mistake homeowners make. Use a heat pump? Make sure the system is set to cooling. Use a split central AC? Make sure that the unit is not set to “fan only” and that the temperature is set lower than that of the household.

And remember, while you may feel a bit red in the face if you discover this is the problem, you’re one of the lucky ones! There are plenty of serious issues that could result in a completely non-responsive AC. Don’t let your pride take too big of a hit. We all make mistakes! (We won’t with your AC, but you know what we mean.)

What About the Circuit Breaker?

Your whole-house air conditioning system does not just plug into a wall outlet, and it does not just share a circuit with a bunch of other appliances. Even if everything else in your house is working properly, your AC is almost certainly running on a designated circuit, and if that circuit’s breaker trips, then the AC will be the only system affected.

You don’t want a professional technician to come out to your home just to flip a switch, do you? This is another problem that you can certainly resolve on your own. Provided, naturally, that you take the few minutes to check and see if this is the case.

Yes, There May Be a Problem Requiring Professional Repair

For every condensate drain pan that is full or shutoff switch that was accidentally flipped, there are countless other problems that could lead to an inoperable air conditioner. A faulty start capacitor may cause the system to fail in getting started. Bad relays and other electrical issues could also be to blame. This is a complex system, and is not one that you can take for granted. When there are no obvious problems with simple solutions apparent, it is time for professional AC repair.

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