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Ductless Systems in Fresno and Clovis, CA

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Ductless systems provide an alternate way to not only cool your home, but heat it as well. These wonderful units don’t require ductwork, are relatively easy to install, and allow you to fine-tune and tweak your home comfort exactly how you like it. We install, repair, and maintain ductless units in Fresno, CA, and we’re ready to help you today.

  • Install your ductless systems better than any other installer in Fresno, CA
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We’re not only dedicated to providing you with 100% satisfaction, but we’re committed to ensuring the equipment we use and the process of our installation is beyond your expectations. Whether it’s a new unit or maintaining a current one, call us today to get started.

Improving the way you enjoy your home, where comfort and technology come together.


What Is a Ductless System?

Ductless mini split systems can run without the ductwork that makes traditional air conditioning possible. Instead, they entail the installation of multiple smaller units, each responsible for heating and cooling one room or section of your house. Each unit can be turned on and adjusted individually, without affecting the units in the other rooms.

Ductless systems offer a number of great benefits, but they must have the right team to handle the installation. At California Indoor Comfort Inc, we specialize in ductless heating and ductless air conditioning systems, and we also perform repair, maintenance, and replacement services for them. Call us to discuss your options!

Should You Install a Ductless System?

Besides the benefit of getting around the need for ducts, which many older homes simply can’t support, there are a number of benefits to ductless mini splits. For starters, they let you shut off the air in parts of the home you aren’t using while still running in other parts, which reduces the overall strain on the system and can lower your monthly bills. Ductless systems also work at high energy efficiency because they don’t gain or lose heat through the walls of ducts, and this can contribute to even biggers savings on heating and cooling.

Call Us for Mitsubishi Ductless System Service

Mitsubishi ductless mini split systems can do a lot for your home. We’ll go over your different options and their benefits before we go ahead with the installation. Once installation is complete, you can depend on our team for any services you may later need for your ductless mini split. Along with offering fast and effective repair services, we also offer maintenance that will reduce the chance you’ll need to call us for repairs.

Call California Indoor Comfort Inc today or fill out the form below to schedule ductless system service in Fresno, CA!

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