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License: #888103

Serving Fresno, Clovis, and surrounding communities.

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License: #888103



Shirley Ross's Profile Image
Shirley Ross, Last month
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MAS 9126, Last month

I have worked with CIC for more than 25 years on many different projects. Keith is my go to guy. If you are smart - you will get to know CIC

Florita Fradue's Profile Image
Florita Fradue, Last month

I am extremely grateful for the dignified manner the owner had getting a professional to my home in less than an hour and totally resolving my family's problems. Amazing how quick and not to mention the care for customers during these very difficult economic hardships. I have nothing but love and the highest respect for this company. So rare to find great honest people in today's world. Thank you from my entire household. I can only hope when you all have to do business you all may have a little taste of how important it is to be wonderful to you, as you were not only to me, but another household member at a different resident you helped as well. Have a beautiful day and please stay safe.

Thank you all

Ps. Please keep your wonderful way in business I deeply appreciate you all

dragonstorme imdone's Profile Image
dragonstorme imdone, This year

June 30 2022 ,brother dying of cancer ,hospice care, ac went out. Could not get anyone out for emergency call, until Keith was willing to interrupt busy schedule to help us out this morning .Some companies have a heart, some don't, Thank god for the kind heart of Keith at Calif.Indoor Comfort .I understand this is busy time for AC. companies , but when there is a dying man ,some one has to care enough .Thank you Keith .

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Rajeev Malhotra, This year
pamela's Profile Image
pamela, This year
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Joyce Barnes, This year
James Orr's Profile Image
James Orr, This year

After a lot of research and comparison of local sources, we purchased a mini-split from CIC. We love it. CIC has worked with us to get the installation just right. They have provided ongoing preventive maintenance and have been on time for both visits. The continue to work with us to diagnose and remediate an issue with the thermostatic control.

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Eric Christensen, This year

annual maintenance

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Paul Murphy, This year

Serving Fresno, Clovis, and surrounding communities