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License: #888103

Serving Fresno, Clovis, and surrounding communities.

License: #888103


Awesome experience! Honest, courtesy and reasonable prices. I highly recommend Keith the owner and anyone else working for him to do quality work for me. Keith has installed and maintained my ac/heating unit for several years now and am very happy with his expertise. You can count on this company for all your cooling and heating needs. Thanks Keith.

- Deb from Clovis CA

Air Conditioning

Few appliances are more important than air conditioning systems in a town like Fresno, and what may be a luxury over on the coast is an absolute necessity in the Central Valley, where summer temperatures are scorching.

The trained team at California Indoor Comfort Inc knows that every home is different, and that every air conditioning system - whether a centralized AC, a heat pump or something more off the beaten path - needs to be installed the right way, and repaired and maintained such that it can reliably do the job without costing you an arm and a leg in monthly bills.Read More


Heating often takes a back seat in our neck of the woods, since the need for air conditioning is so prevalent in the summer, but it's no less important. Winter nights may not be as chilly as they are back east, but they often drop below freezing, and without a reliable heater, your home can feel like an ice box.

That's why California Indoor Comfort Inc puts just as much emphasis on heating systems as it does on air conditioning systems. Both are vital to your home's comfort and health, and we’ll be there no matter what to make sure both are functioning the way they should.Read More

Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

The dryer vent is one of the subtler parts of the home in terms of functionality, and it’s not a place that most homeowners think of when they think of household maintenance. But the amount of lint and other detritus that comes through it has a tendency to back up, and any problems with your dryer vent can lead to big trouble before you know it.

That’s why we offer dryer venter cleaning services to households throughout the Fresno area: taking care of this important safety factor in your home and ensuring that you can go about your day with one less concern to worry about. Read More

Indoor Air Quality

Every HVAC system comes with a basic filter designed to strain out dust and contaminants. But you can go further than that with humidifier, dehumidifiers, electronic air purifiers and similar systems to help keep your household air healthy and clean.

Whatever your needs on that front, we can take care of it for you, helping to ensure a happy and healthy atmosphere for your home and maybe even letting your heating and air conditioning system do the job a little easier. For indoor air quality service you can trust, ours is the name to call every time!Read More

Home Performance

Home performance usually translates to energy efficiency: ensuring that your home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That translates to things like attic fans, insulation, ceiling saver kits and similar components.

For issues involving home performance, turn to the same team that helps keep your air conditioning and heating systems in top-notch shape. We know that your home is a series of interlocking systems and that improving one helps all of them function at their best. Call us today and let us show you how we can help. Read More

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Fresno can get extremely hot in the summertime, as temperatures in the Central Valley soar to around triple digits. Winters are surprisingly chilly too, with the mercury dipping down below freezing many nights. In an environment like that, your heating and air conditioning systems need to perform at their best. It’s more than just a luxury; it’s a matter of your family’s health and safety.

At California Indoor Comfort Inc, we pride ourselves on providing the very best heating and air conditioning services in Fresno, CA, from installation to replacement and any trouble spots that crop up in between. Our team is skilled in a wide variety of systems, and our iron-clad guarantee means we won’t rest until the job is down to your complete satisfaction. California Indoor Comfort Inc: where comfort and technology come together!

Schedule HVAC Services in Fresno, CA

Whether you're looking for air conditioning repair services or are interested in learning your options for the installation of a new high-efficiency system, we're there for you every step of the way. Simply give us a call to schedule air conditioning, heating, duct or home performance services in Fresno, CA and the surrounding area. We also book HVAC appointments online!

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Serving Fresno, Clovis, and surrounding communities

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