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License: #888103

Serving Fresno, Clovis, and surrounding communities.

License: #888103

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Energy Efficiency Upgrades in Fresno, CA

Your Fresno, CA home needs to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and considering how extreme the temperatures can get in the Central Valley, that’s far more than a luxury. But that can often mean we’re used to paying a lot in monthly bills to keep our homes the proper temperature. You should take care to ensure that you’re not paying more than you should.

That’s where we come in. At California Indoor Comfort Inc, we offer a wide array of energy efficiency upgrades, all installed without having to get rid of your existing air conditioner. Our services include not only installation of such devices, but repair, maintenance and replacement services as well. Contact our team today at the place where comfort and technology come together!

Western Cooling Control Leads the Way

Among the products we stress for homes in the Fresno area is Proctor Engineering’s Western Cooling Control system, suited for hot and dry climates like ours. The problem involves high humidity in the air, which can occasionally afflict us, but doesn’t arrive in nearly the same levels as, say, Louisiana or Florida. But centralized air conditioning manufacturers don’t differentiate, which means that in climates like ours, your air conditioner may be wasting a lot of energy dealing with nonexistent humidity

A WCC upgrade is a comparatively simple device which alters the amount of time your fan runs after the outdoor section of the air conditioner is done. It shortens the amount of time the fan needs to run, cutting down on your bills by up to 15%. The pros at California Indoor Comfort Inc can tell you more so call us today!

Another Option Is US Motors EcoTech

The US Motors EcoTech motor is another quality option for your Fresno home. It replaces the permanent split capacitor (PSC) in your home with an electronically controlled motor that can do the same job (provided power to the electric parts of your system) for a lot less energy. How much less? The ECM uses up to 25% less wattage AC and heating, and up to 75% for simple circulation (just running the fan).

California Indoor Comfort Inc is a firm believer in EcoTech motors and can set one up for your air conditioner quite easily. Installation sessions can be performed very quickly, and we’ll be there for maintenance, repair, and replacement services as well as the basic set–up. Contact our team to talk about the specifics!

Call Us for Energy Efficiency Upgrade Services in Fresno, CA

We strongly endorse Western Cooling Control and the EcoTech motor as ways of lowering those monthly bills. We can also install upgrades like zone control systems and new smart thermostats that also help cut into those high costs. We can perform maintenance, repairs and replacement services as needed as well.

Most importantly, we can do all of that without replacing your existing air conditioning system. In fact, with these kinds of energy efficient upgrades in place, you may even extend the life of your system by months or even years in some cases. It all starts with a phone call to the people who work where comfort and technology come together! Contact us today to schedule energy efficiency upgrade services in Fresno, CA and the surrounding area.

Serving Fresno, Clovis, and surrounding communities