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Commercial Air Conditioning in Fresno and Clovis, CA

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A business needs to have the best possible indoor climate for customers, employees, clients, tenants, and to protect equipment. We're the local commercial HVAC contractor you can trust to see your business has its cooling needs met. Thanks to our commercial air conditioning services, we’ll keep your business at the ideal temperature it needs to thrive.

  • Install your commercial HVAC systems to the highest standards
  • Always on the cutting-edge of home tech
  • Critically detail-oriented services

We understand exactly what your business needs to succeed. We provide commercial air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance service. We put the best cutting-edge cooling technology in your hands so you can always provide your customers and staff with the best possible experience.

Improving the way you enjoy your business, where comfort and technology come together.


Air Conditioning and Heating Installation for Your Commercial Space

When installing or replacing commercial air conditioning and heating, you need to be prepared for unexpected changes. The system needs to be accurately sized for the business and must account for any special needs the space may have (such as computers). But it also needs to shift when new residents take over the space, or if existing ones require greater or lesser air conditioning power.

We not only install new commercial cooling and heating systems, we can install a replacement system to match your changing needs using modular rooftop units and similar models. This ensures your system evolves as your business does. Call us today to learn more.

Call Now for Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Service

Commercial air conditioning requires prompt action. With our summer temperatures regularly rising above 100°F, even an hour without air conditioning can have a huge negative impact on your business: lost customers, a drop in work productivity, and potential damage to sensitive equipment.

When your commercial system breaks down, you need a skilled and dedicated team like ours. We’ll move swiftly to complete repairs, and our trained team will work around your business hours so your productivity won’t suffer. 

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

The unexpected can always crop up, and you need to have commercial air conditioning repair experts ready when that happens. But you can drop these malfunctions to a minimum with a regular maintenance plan. Maintenance performed at regular intervals during the year from our trained technicians can spot signs of trouble early, allowing you to schedule repairs before a breakdown in the middle of intense weather.

Our team can set up a comprehensive maintenance package for your business that can halt potential breakdowns, improve your system’s efficiency, and help it last for many years before it needs to be replaced. Give us a call today to schedule commercial air conditioning services.

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