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Solar Attic Fan Services in Fresno and Clovis, CA

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An attic fan is an important appliance for lowering the cost to cool your home. An attic fan vents out the heat from your attic—which can rise above 120°F on sunny days—and prevents it from spreading to the rest of the house, making the job of the insulation even easier. Using a solar-powered attic fan helps you save more: the sun provides all the power necessary, and the attic fan works hardest when you need it the most.

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California Indoor Comfort Inc offers complete solar attic fan services, from installation to repair. We’ll help you improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower costly cooling bills. Call us today to learn more and schedule service.

Contact us for solar attic fan services: where comfort and technology come together.


The Benefit of Attic Fans

Since hot air naturally rises, it easily becomes trapped in an attic and becomes a heat sink that warms up the rest of the house. Attic fans vent out that heat and lower the temperature, both removing heat and making it easier for the insulation to prevent the remaining heat from moving down into the house. This makes for a cooler home, a more efficient and energy-saving air conditioner, and room materials that last longer.

Why We Install Solar Attic Fans

Older attic fans would either need to expend energy to run or would only be effective if a breeze was available to turn them. Solar power solves these problems: providing the energy to help alleviate the very heat it causes. A collector array on the roof absorbs the energy of the sun, then transmits it to power the fan. As a result, your hot attic air is dispersed all the more quickly, and the hotter the day, the more energy it provides to the fan. Additionally, solar attic fans can last for decades and rarely break down. You can count on them to do their job for decades.

California Indoor Comfort Inc has the personnel and equipment to install solar attic fans for local homes. We carry high-end solar attic fans and stand by our commitment to provide the best service available when you need it.

Call Us for Solar Attic Fan Services

We’re proud to do our part for Mother Nature with solar attic fan services, but we’re mostly proud of helping our customers save more money and make their homes nicer places to live in the summer.

That’s why we want our customers to stay with us for a long time to come. We dedicate ourselves to leaving you happy every time. If you need a new solar attic fan installed or an existing one repaired, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone. We’ll show you what the best in the business can do. Give us a call to schedule solar attic fan services in Fresno and Clovis.

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