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Ceiling Saver Kits, Pan and Condensate Switches in Fresno and Clovis, CA

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An air conditioning system installed in your attic can create a problem if condensate water leaks from the drip pan: that water can potentially ruin your ceiling. California Indoor Comfort Inc has the solution! We install ceiling saver kits and pan and condensate switches. These help to stop water overflow before it can damage your ceiling, saving you a potentially costly repair.

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You can trust our experienced technicians and fantastic staff to help protect your ceiling and keep your air conditioning working safely. We’ve been helping homeowners in Fresno, CA with their air conditioning systems for years, and we’re ready to help you.

Contact us today to learn more about ceiling saver kits and pan and condensate switches. Where comfort and technology come together.


The Problem With Condensate Pan Overflow

The condensate pan of an AC catches the water moisture left over after the refrigerant coils have cooled the air. Unfortunately, this pan can overflow for several reasons (such as a clogged drain). When the pan overflows, it not only threatens the functioning of the AC, but it will drip water out of the air conditioner onto anything below it. This is a problem no matter the location of the air conditioner, but it’s especially destructive if the AC is in the attic. The water overflow will threaten to ruin the ceiling.

Ceiling Saver Kits Can Help

A ceiling saver kit is designed to stop this overflow before it causes trouble. This device monitors the water level in the condensate pan. If the pan threatens to overflow, the ceiling saver activates to shut off the air conditioner, alerting you to the problem so you can call the pros at California Indoor Comfort Inc to fix the malfunctioning AC. We’ll get your air conditioner running again.

Installing a Secondary Condensate Pan

You may want to consider installing a secondary condensate pan to help with the first. This serves a similar function as a ceiling saver kit—to protect the ceiling—but it won’t shut off the AC in case of overflow. The secondary pan catches the extra water to help keep your air conditioner and ceiling safe. Since every AC system and home is unique, our technicians will help you find the ideal way to protect your home. Contact us today to schedule AC service in Fresno and Clovis.

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