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License: #888103

Serving Fresno, Clovis, and surrounding communities.

License: #888103

Ceiling Saver Kits, Pan and Condensate Switches

We Offer Ceiling Saver Kits & Condensate Pan Service in Fresno, CA

Air conditioning and heating technicians here in Fresno, CA see a lot of different problems, and we’re trained to take case of all of them with the care and attention they deserve. At California Indoor Comfort Inc, we specialize not only in the big things, but in smaller products and services designed to treat your specific needs.

Chief among them is the issue of overflow in your condensate pan. It’s not uncommon to see that in our neck of the woods, especially on a humid day. If left untreated, it could severely damage the surrounding contents of your home. We have the right solutions for such a problem: ceiling saver kits and pan and condensate switch services for your home. It can make a huge difference for a tricky problem, so call us today at the place where comfort and technology come together!

Should You Consider Additional Coverage?

The problem these systems solve concerns the condensate pan, which collects condensation which forms from cooling the air. Lowering the temperature of the air shifts the ambient moisture from gaseous to liquid form, which is the reason you get dew in the cool hours of the morning. A condensate pan is sized to match the output of your system, but sometimes, it can become overwhelmed (such as on particularly humid days or if there’s a problem elsewhere in your air conditioner).

When that happens, the condensate pan can overflow, which not only threatens the functioning of electrical components in the system itself, but can drip out of the air conditioner and damage the floor or other nearby household components. Here in Fresno, you can call on California Indoor Comfort Inc to provide timely solutions that stop that from happening.

Ceiling Saver Kits Can Help

A ceiling saver kit is designed to stop the overflow before it causes trouble. It’s a device connected to the pan that monitors the water levels. If the pan threatens to overflow, it triggers the device and turns off the air conditioner until the condensate levels drop.

The beauty of such a system, besides its ability to prevent damage to your Fresno home, is that it instantly alerts you to a problem with your air conditioning condensate pan. When that happens, you can call the pros at California Indoor Comfort Inc to fix the problem: getting your air conditioner running again without damaging your system or the nearby furnishings.

Should You Install a Secondary Condensate Pan?

If you have an underpowered air conditioner or some similar issue that doesn’t involve a problematic condensate pan, you might consider the installation of a secondary condensate pan to help with the first. It serves the same function as a ceiling saver kit, but it won’t turn off the system and the extra protection still keeps your air conditioner and surrounding systems safe.

We recommend these pans for systems where overflow is a recurring problem, which ceiling saver kits work well for systems where overflow is a danger, but not something that happens on a regular basis. Each AC system is unique, as are the needs of the households they serve. That’s why you should contact us to get a consultation. Give us a call or fill out our quick and easy contact form to schedule service in Fresno, CA and the surrounding area.

Serving Fresno, Clovis, and surrounding communities