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Using a Forced Air Heater? Clean Your Ducts!

ductWe’re now in the midst of fall here in Fresno and while the temperatures may not have completely cooled off quite yet, it’s important to think ahead regarding your HVAC system. The first step in preparing for our cold weather here in the central valley is cleaning your air ducts. Your air ducts aren’t an aspect of your home that needs cleaning every year but if you let them go unmaintained for too long it has adverse effects on your homes heating and cooling capacity. If you need dependable duct cleaning in Fresno, CA our team can provide great services.

How Your Ducts Get Dirty

Dust, dirt, lint, and other airborne allergens circulate through your home’s ventilation system as your air is heating or cooling. As air passes through your home, some of this debris settles in your ducts and builds up over time. The longer you allow time to pass, the more opportunity there is for more build-up to accrue and causes limited air flow. You may not think a little dust coating your vents makes a huge difference in your home, but it drastically affects your air quality, especially here in Fresno. We live in an extremely arid, desert climate prone to dust so you should pay close attention to the cleanliness of your duct system.

The Importance of Duct Cleaning

Your system can’t operate as effectively without clean ducts, a quick cleaning provided by a trained HVAC professional can greatly increase the quality of your heating for these upcoming cold temperatures in the following ways:

  • It Prevents Furnace Damage: By removing the dust and debris from the system in your home, you’re preventing it from lodging itself in any other places in your HVAC system. A large amount of dust in your home can create other issues for your HVAC system.
  • Improves Air Quality: Cleaning your ducts means that dust, lint, and debris no longer circulates throughout your home. When you allow these particles to cycle through your home without intervention you’re allowing yourself and your family members to breathe in these substances. If you have members of the home that are prone to allergies or colds, it’s a good idea to always ensure that your duct system is clean.
  • Increases Energy Efficiency: Dust in your system becomes an obstacle to your HVAC system which forces your system as a whole to work much harder to provide your standard levels of heating. When your system must fight past a barrier of debris in your vents to provide airflow to your home it wastes energy. You’ll see the results of this wastefulness in the raised price of your energy bills.
  • Decrease Time Cleaning: If you keep your vents clean, you’ll spend less time dusting furniture, vacuuming floors, and wiping down surfaces. Clearing the problem at its source means that there won’t be as many opportunities for dust and grime to settle in your home.

Choose California Indoor Comfort Inc.

At California Indoor Comfort Inc., we pride ourselves on providing superior service at reasonable prices. We’re a family owned and operated business that understands the needs of each of our clients.

If you need thorough duct cleaning services our team at California Indoor Comfort Inc can help, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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