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Don’t Ride Out the Season with a Compromised AC!

ac-outdoor-unitYou hear a weird sound.

Or you notice a higher utility bill.

Maybe your AC seems be running in shorter and shorter bursts.

Well, you think, at least it is pretty late in the season. It can wait until winter is over, I guess. 

You’ve chosen poorly, if that’s your line of thinking.

We may be looking at some cooler temperatures ahead. Your air conditioner may not be working quite as hard as it was when the heat of summer was at its most intense.

But we’ve still got a ways to go. If you’re serious about protecting your comfort and the condition of your AC, then sitting on repairs is definitely not the way to go.

Why not?

Don’t just take our word for it. Read on for some examples of how putting off your air conditioning repair in Madera, CA can come back to bite you. Then pick up the phone or follow this link to schedule your AC repairs with the professional technicians on our team.

You’re NOT Saving Yourself Any Money

For some reason, certain homeowners seem to think that delaying their air conditioning repairs is going to save them money somehow. This could not be further from the truth. Problems don’t ever solve themselves, so you’re not saving money. At best, your hanging onto it just a bit longer.

In most cases, though, you’re going to wind up costing yourself money. It will cost more to run your AC when it is compromised, leading to a drop in efficiency, and chances are you’ll be paying for more serious, costly repairs. Rip the cord and schedule repairs when they first pop up.

You’re NOT Doing Your AC Any Favors

Like we mentioned above, you are probably going to wind up with costlier repair needs if you ignore them and continue to run your compromised air conditioner. That is because you are actively doing damage by running a compromised air conditioner in most cases. The fact that your air conditioner is operational does not mean that it is operating properly.

If you want to have the existing problems resolved while also preventing the development of further problems, then prompt air conditioning repairs are always your best bet. Don’t ignore problems just to breed new ones. Schedule service with us and protect your AC in the process.

You’re Rolling the Dice for Next Year

The heat around here can strike hard and fast. If you let your damaged AC go into the offseason without addressing repair needs, how certain are you that you’ll remember to schedule repairs before you need your system again? Don’t take that chance.

Even if you do remember, you also need to remember that going into the heating season is the busiest time of the year for us. Don’t take a chance in trying to schedule service just when tune-up season gets underway. Just have it done now, and rest easy knowing that your system is set to go.

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