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Why an AC Might Blow Warm Air

neglected-condenserOne of the reasons why air conditioning problems sometimes do serious damage to those systems is because homeowners don’t always recognize the fact that there is a problem to begin with. This is due to the fact that many such problems are quite subtle, and you may not notice them as being problems right away. That’s why you should always act promptly when you do start to suspect that there is a problem of some kind with your air conditioner in Madera, CA.

Of course, not all problems are going to be very hard to notice when it comes to your AC system. Shy of an air conditioner that won’t turn on at all, an AC that is blowing warm air just may be the most obvious sign of trouble that you can encounter. The fact that the problem itself is a bit obvious doesn’t mean that its source will necessarily be easy to diagnose, though. There are quite a few potential issues that could be at play.

Check Your Thermostat! Yes, Really!

How dumb do these people think I am? Look, we do not mean to insult your intelligence, and we wouldn’t be giving out this admittedly obvious tip if it weren’t something that we’d seen happen time and time again. If you notice that your air conditioner is blowing warm air, then it really may be something as simple as making an adjustment at the thermostat.

Do you live alone? If not, then someone may have changed the thermostat without you realizing it. Maybe it got set to fan-only accidentally. Or it could even have been switched over to heating mode if it’s a heat pump. Whatever the case, these are not problems that you want to have a professional make a service call about.

Have Your Ducts Tested

If you have an issue with a central AC blowing warm air into your home, the AC itself may be operating just fine. Its air ducts, however, may be a whole other issue. If you use an AC system that uses ducts to distribute cooled air throughout your entire home, after all, problems with those ducts will spell serious trouble for that system as a whole.

By having your air ducts tested, you can uncover issues like leaks in your ducts that could pull hot air into the system while your AC is trying to cool the house down! That is obviously going to warm things up in the ductwork, and you’ll feel the effects in your home as you try to cool it down.

It Could Be a Refrigerant Leak…

…and that is the worst case scenario. Your air conditioner evaporates refrigerant in order to remove heat from the air in your home. The entire cooling process depends upon it. That means that you cannot wait to schedule repairs if you have a refrigerant leak!

In fact, doing so could damage your compressor to the point that a full AC replacement is necessary. Assuming that you don’t want to let such problems decimate your AC, schedule service with us at the first sign of trouble!

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