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Awesome Air Conditioning Add-Ons

UV-lampWhat do you demand of your air conditioner? That it cools your home reliably? That it starts up and shuts off at appropriate times? These are obviously important characteristics and, truth be told, there are a lot of homeowners out there that may be satisfied with these most basic functions and expectations being fulfilled and satisfied. That being said, we know that there are also those homeowners out there really looking to optimize their air conditioning systems. That is why we offer many great AC add-ons for your consideration.

The full list of add-ons is far too long and detailed to get into here, but we do want to highlight a few options that can seriously benefit you in terms of both your own comfort and your bottom line. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, or if you do, just give a member of our team a call. We excel in all manner of air conditioning service in Clovis, CA, and our goal is more than just keeping you comfortable. It’s ensuring that you’re able to do so with 100% satisfaction!

Secondary Condensate Pan Shut-Off Switches

When people think of problems with their air conditioning system, many fail to think about property damage. A plumbing system, sure, but how the heck is an AC going to damage your property? Well, the answer is much the same as with a plumbing system: water.

Your AC drains condensate removed from the air during the cooling process through a condensate drain pan and drain line. Many will use a secondary condensate pan to ensure that water doesn’t overflow when there is a considerable amount of condensate to manage. Using a shut-off switch will protect your property by actually shutting down the AC when that secondary pan fills up.

Sure Switch Contactors

While the cooling process itself remains much the same as it’s always been, the tools used to facilitate the smooth and reliable operation of our ACs have evolved a lot over time. Upgrading to a sure switch compressor contactor is one great way to make use of outstanding technology when cooling your home.

This type of contactor protects against brownouts and short cycling, and can reduce issues with arching. This serves to protect against welding and pitting, protecting the integrity of your AC in general.

Western Cooling Control

A great benefit of whole-house air conditioning is that, while not a designated dehumidifier, the system will help to dehumidify the air. That’s really only a benefit if you have humid air to begin with, though. In many parts of the western US, this is not a concern.

Using a Western Cooling Control allows for the adjustment of the indoor fan’s operation to limit the dehumidification side of the AC’s operation. This helps the air conditioner to operate more efficiently without putting your comfort on the line.

High-Efficiency Blower Motors

Your air conditioner needs a fan to blow cool air throughout the house. That fan needs a motor in order to perform this function. Why not use the most efficient motor possible for doing so?

If you’re paying too much to cool your home, you don’t necessarily need to replace your whole AC to resolve the issue. Upgrading your blower motor to a high-efficiency model can make a world of difference. We’ll determine which options are compatible with your existing system.

Electronic Filtration and UV Products

Comfortable temperatures are only part of the overall comfort equation. If you are serious about living in the most comfortable conditions possible, then you’ll also want to maintain great indoor air quality throughout your home.

Outfitting your HVAC system with an electronic air filter and/or UV air purifier is the way to go in order to do so. These systems are more advanced than the average filter and will produce great results.

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