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Tips to Combat the Heat this Summer

woman-with-fanCalifornia is known for being sunny and warm most of the year. This sounds great until you are living through a high-temperature heatwave and struggling to keep cool while at home. There are going to be days when even the biggest sun-worshipper needs a place to cool off. This might be tough if you have an AC in need of repairs or you have other home issues that are hindering your cooler’s ability to do its job.

With summer kicking into high gear already, we want to make sure you are ready. Here are some tips you can use to combat the heat this summer and boost your home comfort.

5 Ways to Beat the California Heat

  1. Close the blinds and curtains: We know that a lot of people love to let the natural light into their home in the mornings but summer is when you want to keep that light to a minimum. This is because the more sunlight that gets into your home throughout the day, the hotter it will be, and the harder it is for your AC to cool things down. Close the blinds and the curtains in the rooms that are going to get the most sun before you leave for the day.
  2. Keep the windows closed during the day: Yes that breeze of fresh air coming in through the window is pleasant but try to keep your windows closed during the hotter parts of the day. A hot breeze means trouble for your comfort and extra work for your air conditioner. Always make sure your windows are closed tight when your system is running!
  3. Make temperate temperature demands: It can be tough to resist the urge to slam the “down” button on your thermostat when things get a little too hot. However, for the sake of your air conditioner’s energy efficiency and your energy bills, we suggest keeping your temperature demands around 75 to 78°F during the day. This keeps things comfortable without stressing your system.
  4. Use your fans to help your AC: Did you know the fans in your home don’t produce cool air? What they actually do is help keep you feeling a little cooler. How? Having a fan running in your home helps in two ways: it helps your sweat evaporate faster so you feel cooler and, in the case of a ceiling fan, it helps pull hotter air up towards the ceiling so you can enjoy more cool air. Altogether, a fan can actually help you lower your demand on your AC!
  5. Schedule air conditioner repairs ASAP: We cannot stress this enough! If your air conditioning system is having trouble (ie. making strange noises, producing weaker airflow, short cycling, etc.) you shouldn’t see if you can get through summer without addressing the problem. Scheduling AC repairs in a timely manner can help keep repair costs reasonable and will ensure you stay comfortable through some of the bigger heatwaves that are on the horizon.

Contact California Indoor Comfort Inc. today to schedule your air conditioner services. We are where comfort and technology come together.

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