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Don’t Skip AC Maintenance!

service-timeLife has been busy and things have been hectic lately, to say the least. With everyone trying to get by and stay safe, life has been in a state of upheaval and there is a strong chance that the usual time for your annual maintenance appointment for your air conditioner blew by without you realizing it.

We want to let you know that, if you missed your usual maintenance appointment, it isn’t too late to get a tune-up done. We strongly believe that late is better than never, especially when the maintenance service is provided by our professional HVAC contractors in Fresno, CA who can get the job done effectively and safely, too.

Can’t I Just Skip Maintenance?

We know it can be tempting at this stage to just say, “I can skip this year, it won’t cause a problem.” The truth is though that skipping maintenance really can be problematic. There are so many benefits to maintenance that are largely based on the issues that this service helps to prevent. Consider the following:

  • Maintenance prevents a loss of efficiency: Maintenance services are going to address a variety of seemingly small problems that would otherwise start to impact your AC system’s energy efficiency over time. Without maintenance, your system can lose about 5% of its energy efficiency each year!
  • Maintenance reduces repair needs: By taking care of any small issues such as loose screws or a dirty filter, maintenance is able to prevent them from growing into bigger problems that require repairs. This means repairs will be fewer, further between, and, in many cases, more affordable when they do pop up.
  • Maintenance prevents early replacement: With fewer repairs and small problems taken care of early on, your air conditioner is going to be able to operate for a much longer amount of time. This is because maintenance helps to reduce the impact of the usual wear and tear your system goes through. Because of this, your AC can make it past the 10-year minimum lifespan and stretch towards, and in some cases beyond, the 15-year mark, before requiring replacement.

Can I Perform Maintenence Myself?

We know that it can be tempting to look up a Youtube video and try to DIY your AC maintenance, or maybe contact a local amateur handyman to get the job done. We want to warn against this for the sake of your comfort and your safety.

Aside from replacing or cleaning the air filter and keeping your vents clean and clear, our advice is to reach out to a professional for your AC maintenance services. Only a professional will be able to get the job done properly without causing additional harm to your system or hurting themselves in the process.

Don’t risk your comfort or your well-being with amateur or DIY fixes. They can void the warranty on your air conditioner and leave you worse off. Leave your AC maintenance in the hands of the professionals at California Indoor Comfort Inc. We provide top-notch service and reasonable prices to residents in Fresno, CA and the surrounding areas.

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