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Is It Time For a New Cooling System?

The summer heat is here which means that it is the worst possible time to encounter an AC breakdown. However, this worst-case scenario may be the reality for many residents in the area. Those high temperatures really end up taking their toll on your AC and if you have an older or more worn down system a large heatwave can be the figurative straw that breaks the camel’s back.

While it is possible to get through summer without an air conditioner it is not a pleasant thought. If your air conditioner is about to break down or even if it has already given up the ghost we are here to help. Let’s start by determining whether now is the time to start planning for a new cooling system. Even if your system is running, if it is on the verge of a breakdown, you’ll want to get ahead of the situation so that way you are not without cooling at the worst possible time.

How to Tell Your Air Conditioner Needs to Retire

If you need to get a replacement for your AC system the sooner you get it taken care of the better. To get this taken care of in a timely manner you will need to figure out what the signs are that your system needs to retire. Here are the signs to watch for:

  1. Your air conditioner is 10 to 15-years-old or more. Your system won’t last forever. Knowing how long it can last before it starts to go downhill can help you be prepared ahead of time so you aren’t without a working AC on a hot day.  That lifespan limit can range from a minimum of 10 years to a maximum of 15 years.
  2. The system still uses R-22. The refrigerant known as R-22 is no longer in production because it is harmful to the environment. If you have an AC that still uses this refrigerant it is best to plan for a replacement in the near future if you haven’t started the process already.
  3. Your air conditioner needs repairs too frequently. It is normal to have repairs for your AC occasionally but you should not have them often. On average you’re going to need repairs every few years. If you are noticing that your air conditioner needs to be repaired almost as often as it needs maintenance (that’s about once a year) then you have a system in need of replacement.
  4. Your AC repairs are too expensive. The price tag on your AC repairs can also be an indicator wealth the need for a replacement period feet cost of a repair is equal to half or more of the price you would have to pay for a new system is better to opt for the new system.
  5. Your energy bills are far too high no matter what you do. Last but not least don’t ignore your energy bills. If you are getting maintenance each year and have been on top of getting repairs in a timely manner but you notice that your energy bill is still continuing to go up then it is likely that your system needs to retire.

Have an air conditioner that needs to be replaced? Don’t wait! Reach out to California Indoor Comfort Inc to get a replacement air conditioning service in Madera, CA.

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