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Ditch the Window Unit!

Summers in Fresno aren’t something to take lightly. Even the days that aren’t swelteringly hot are still going to be pretty uncomfortable. This is why having a reliable and effective air conditioner in your home is a must. And, to be blunt, a window AC isn’t going to cut it!

If you have a window unit and you are struggling to stay cool, we’d suggest opting for a professional AC installation in Fresno, CA to get a more effective one in your home. You can choose from more than one system option–you want one that suits your needs best, after all.

Our team can help with the selection and installation of your next air conditioning system. Let’s see what you can choose from.

Central Air Conditioner

A central air conditioner is a larger system that is great for larger homes. These air conditioners require ductwork in order to operate but can be extremely energy efficient and effective on even the hottest days. You can even look to get better efficiency with an inverter air conditioner or a VRF system, both of which use less energy. Whatever you choose a central AC can be a powerful ally in keeping you cool.

Heat Pump Mini Split

Central air conditioners are considered a split system. When we refer to heat pump mini splits we’re referring to a system that uses a similar indoor-outdoor setup but that takes up much less space. Heat pump mini splits use less square footage and less energy but still provide plenty of cool air.

These systems connect to your existing ductwork, if you have it, and replace the standard indoor unit with an air handler. They are able to provide extra efficiency and year-round comfort because they can reverse their flow of refrigerant and provide heating as well as cooling.

Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless air conditioners can be thought of as a sub-category of heat pumps because they are, to put it simply, heat pumps that don’t require ductwork to do their job. While still using the standard indoor-outdoor setup, ductless systems use air handlers placed strategically throughout the house to deliver air rather than an indoor unit that is connected to your ductwork.

Aside from the fact that they can provide both heating and cooling to your home throughout the year, ductless systems offer additional perks as well. For one thing, they help you save space because you do not need ductwork to use them. Another added benefit is that they can provide you with zone control options because you can choose to run one air handler at a time or multiple at a time depending on how much of your home you need to cool.

So, do you know which air conditioner you would like to choose? Whether you know exactly which system you are going with or you need some extra help deciding you can come to our team for assistance. We can walk you through the selection process and get your new system properly installed in a timely manner.

Are you ready to ditch your window unit AC? If so, make sure to contact California Indoor Comfort Inc to schedule an appointmentWhere comfort and technology come together.

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