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Is Your Ductwork Causing Problems?

ductHere in California, heat pumps and central air conditioning systems are extremely common, as is the furnace. Do you know what these three HVAC systems have in common? They are all forced air systems, meaning that they all use air ducts in their operation. Do you know what that means? There are certain problems that such systems may encounter which may be caused by compromised ductwork. Do you know why that’s a problem? Well, just how much of your ductwork can you really see?

The answer is most likely “not much,” and that is the way that homeowners like it. After all, air ducts are not exactly ideal for interior decorating. The fact that so much of your ductwork is hidden from view, however, means that your ducts may be damaged or otherwise compromised without your knowledge. Because leaky ducts can be such a problem, it is important that you know some common signs of trouble to look out for.

Hot and Cold Spots

Air ducts are equally important in both the summer and the winter months, provided that you use forced air heating and cooling systems. That means that both hot and cold spots may be traced back to your ductwork. If you have consistent issues with inconsistent temperatures in any given area of your home, it is possible that the ductwork servicing that area is leaking and that you need to have those ducts professionally sealed, repaired, or replaced in order to resolve the problem.

High Energy Costs

When you have damaged ductwork carrying conditioned air throughout your home, that conditioned air may leak out into unconditioned areas of the house that the ductwork passes through. You may also pull unconditioned air into the ductwork. These issues are going to cause your energy costs to spike, so any inexplicable increase in your utility costs should definitely raise some red flags.

This problem could be the result of many different issues, of course, but leaky ductwork is a very common cause of high energy costs. Dealing with the subpar comfort that results from having hot and/or cold spots in your home is bad enough. Don’t pay too much for subpar comfort to boot!

Decreased Indoor Air Quality

Okay,  so you’re annoyed that your home is not heating up or cooling down evenly. You’re flabbergasted about how high your energy costs this month are. And to top it all off, your allergies or asthma symptoms are also going crazy! What gives?

Remember when we mentioned how your leaky ducts may pull in unconditioned air from throughout your home? Well, they may also pull in pollutants that can leave you suffering, especially if you have any sort of allergies to airborne pollutants or other respiratory issues. Finding the source of these leaks and either repairing or replacing the affected section(s) of ductwork is a job that you’re going to need a trained professional to handle. It’s also the only way that the discussed issues are going to be resolved effectively.

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