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What Are the Benefits of Using a Furnace?

furnaceAt this point, we’d all probably be happy to be back in air conditioning territory. It’ll be a while longer before the hot summer temperatures are back in full swing, though, so we’re sticking with heating for the time being. Today, we want to discuss the furnace in pretty broad terms. A bit more specifically, we want to talk about the benefits of using a furnace in Fresno, CA. There are a lot of heating systems out there, but the furnace is definitely something of a perennial favorite.

If you are ready to have a furnace installed in your home, or if you have a furnace in need of either repair services or routine maintenance, be sure to schedule these vital services with the pros on our team. Trust us when we tell you that we will help you to enjoy the most dependable, safe, and efficient performance possible from the heater in your house. And now, let’s review those benefits.

Initial Cost

The initial cost of a furnace is one of the benefits that leads some people to them right away. Simply put, they’re more affordable to purchase up front than many other home heating systems. That being said, you really should not be purchasing a new heater based solely on the price tag.

Yes, today’s efficiency standards mean that you’re not going to be buying an incredibly inefficient furnace. Even so, the more efficient models do tend to come at a higher price than lower efficiency options. Those higher price points can be offset over time in the form of long-term energy savings, though. Be sure to look beyond the purchasing price, but definitely keep it in mind.

Shared Ductwork

If you have a central air conditioning system in place, then using a furnace makes a lot of senses. Why? Because furnaces are forced air heating systems, and they can share their air ducts with central air conditioners.

There are definitely heating options that don’t require ductwork, and some of them are great in their own right. That being said, using existing ductwork to distribute air throughout the house just makes sense in terms of system design. Plus, forced air heating allows for the type of prompt warmth that you’ll be looking for when temperatures really drop.

Fuel Options

On great benefit of using a furnace is the fact that they can use different fuels/methods in order to generate heat. If you really don’t use your furnace all that much and don’t mind paying a bit more to use it when you do need to, an electric furnace is an incredibly convenient option. Electric furnaces are actually incredibly efficient, as they don’t lose heat to flue gases, but they do use electricity, a comparatively expensive resource.

Want to use natural gas instead? That makes sense, especially if you’re already using it for your water heater or gas stove. Natural gas is very convenient, as it is piped directly onto your property. Furnaces may also use propane. It has to be delivered and stored on-site, but it is definitely worth considering if natural gas is not ideal for your property.

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