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License: #888103


Is Your Heater Emitting a Strange Odor?

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 at 11:00 am

gas-jetsWhen you heat your home, it is not really enough that your heater is just pumping out dependable heat. That is very important, of course, but it is also important that your heater is functioning properly in every way, not just in heating output. That means no strange, unusual sounds, and no emitting weird odors that clearly have no place in a properly functioning heater’s operation. If you smell strange odors coming from your heater, then you may need professional heater repair in Fresno, CA.

There are various reasons why your heater may wind up emitting a strange sound during operation—isn’t that always the case? Because there are different potential issues that could be at play, it is important that you have the problem diagnosed accurately by a trained professional. That’s what we’re here for. Not only will the pros at California Indoor Comfort Inc. diagnose the problem properly, but we will also resolve it entirely with the expertise that our customers know to expect.

Is This the First Time You’ve Used It Recently?

This may sound like an odd question, but the fact is that a long period of inaction may be to blame for the scent of burning that you smell when first starting your heater back up. Why is this the case? Because dust and other debris can build up in the combustion chamber or on the heating elements in your home heating system. When they do, they can then burn off once you start running the system again.

Now, this is not likely to be the case if you are dealing with an ongoing burning odor. If you just smell it for a brief period, however, it is a likely contender. Keep your nose alert, but do let us know if the odor is not going away soon after putting the heater back into regular rotation.

Is It a Plastic Odor?

If so, then you are likely dealing with a wiring issue in your home heating system. The wiring may be overheating, and that can lead to it gradually melting away at the plastic casing that covers the wires. Anytime that you are dealing with electrical issues you are also dealing with the risk of fire, so it is very important for your own safety that you resolve this particular problem as soon as possible.

Do You Smell Gas?

This is the big one. If you smell the odor of gas in your home, then there is really no time to spare. The moment that you smell gas, in fact, is the moment that you should recognize that you are in a dangerous situation.

Natural gas is a combustible fuel, obviously. So combustible, in fact, that the dangers of a gas leak should be obvious. This is why that sulfuric odor that smells like rotten eggs is actually added to natural gas. If you smell natural gas when running your heater, you need to get out of the house and alert the appropriate authorities immediately. We don’t mean to be alarmists, but this is not a situation in which to bide your time.

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