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Help! My Furnace Is Blowing Cool Air

temperature-guage-just-rightFor many people, the mere mention of California conjures up images of beautiful, sunny coastline and warm temperatures. That may be a big part of the Golden State experience, but it is not the whole picture. Fact is that temperatures can actually get plenty cold around here, and you’ll learn that the hard way if you don’t keep your home heating system in exemplary working condition. Investing in great equipment and scheduling routine heating maintenance is the best way to do this.

Even the best heating systems that are the most rigorously maintained, however, are going to run into the occasional operational problem. They’re mechanical systems, after all, and no mechanical system is perfect. It really is that straightforward. Since you cannot completely eliminate the risk of operational problems, the next best thing is to recognize those problems early on and to schedule prompt repair services. If you notice that your furnace is blowing cool air, you may be in need of professional furnace repair in Fresno, CA.

What Causes Cool Air to Blow?

There are certain problems that you may encounter with your furnace that are quite subtle, and which may be difficult to spot. A furnace that is blowing cold or even just lukewarm air on a chilly night, however, is one that is obviously not functioning properly. This may not be “good” news, but at least you can recognize that there is a problem. Like most problems that you may encounter with your heater, though, there are several potential causes of the issue.

First of all, you may simply have a problem with your thermostat. It could be malfunctioning, or this could just be the result of basic user error. If your thermostat is not registering temperatures correctly, it may be producing less heat than you’d expect. While the air may not be cool, the temperatures throughout the house may lead you to believe that it is.

If you actually do feel cool air coming from the vents, it is possible that the thermostat is set to fan-only, or the on mode. In fan-only, only the fan is running. This circulates air throughout the house, but it doesn’t heat it. When the fan is set to on, the furnace will run, but the fan will continue to run even when no heat is being generated.

If it seems as though the cool air is an issue in just one area of the house, then you may be dealing with leaky ductwork. When the ductwork servicing any given area of the house is leaking, it is possible that warm air will be pulled into this ductwork. Once that happens, it will be distributed throughout the house and leave you feeling a chill coming from the vents.

You could even have problems with the heating elements or combustion of fuel in your furnace. In such cases, the safety with which the system operates may be pulled into question. Trust us, it’s always in your best interest to have any such issues resolved as soon as possible.

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