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Why Your Fireplace Is Smelly

You know when food has gone bad because it starts to smell unpleasant. You can figure out when mold has started to grow somewhere in the house because you smell that distinct, musty scent. These are just a couple of examples of times when your nose can alert you to an issue that can put you at risk.

So what does it mean when your fireplace starts to stink? Unlike rotting food or moldy drywall, your fireplace isn’t made of semi-organic material that can start breaking down and getting smelly. There are a few different smells that might come from your fireplace but they all end up telling you one common thing: something is wrong and you either need fireplace cleaning or a fireplace repair in Fresno.

Here’s what your nose may be picking up on.

There is Creosote Build-Up

The smell of something burning coming from your fireplace is probably not something that will make you too concerned. That’s really the point of the fireplace–burning some fuel to create heat. This doesn’t mean that the scent should stick around and permeate your house though.

What you’re likely smelling is something called creosote. This substance is a combination of soot and moisture. Once it settles in the flue of your chimney it can have a very sticky texture. When it encounters warm air or a draft, it can create the smell of a bonfire that goes back into your home. You can address this by having a professional clean your chimney and fireplace once a year.

There is Animal Detritus Or an Animal

Animals can settle around your chimney cap or even get into your chimney in an attempt to stay warm and dry. When they leave they often leave behind a large mess. This can include materials used for a nest, waste materials, fur, feathers, dander, and more. In some unlucky cases, you may even have the animal itself sticking around permanently. If you are dealing with the stench of an animal nest or a rotting animal in your chimney, it’s a good idea to get your chimney inspected and cleaned. You may even need repairs to damaged chimney grates or caps.

Leaks Have Allowed Mildew Growth

Yes, your flue is made with a metal flue but mildew or mold can develop in there. This can leave the house smelling unpleasant, especially if you have leaks or backdrafts pushing air down through your chimney and out of your fireplace. Make sure to have a professional examine your chimney for leaks that may be allowing moisture to create mold and mildew growth.

Stay Safe and Smell-Free With Professional Service

Your fireplace and chimney are more than just a nice aesthetic touch to your home. If you use these, you need to make sure they are kept in good condition. Whether you need your chimney and fireplace cleaned or repaired, you should always opt for professional service.

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