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Do You Need a Heater Repair or an Upgrade?


We’ve seen some pretty low temperatures and a good deal of wet weather lately. While the rainfall is very much needed to curb the statewide drought, it has led us to spend more time indoors–which means more people are turning a more critical eye to their home comfort.

As you spend extra time relying on your heater to keep you comfortable, you might have begun to notice that your system isn’t performing the way you’d like. You shouldn’t have to put up with lackluster home heating. Read on to discover if and when you’d benefit from heating repairs or even a full heater replacement.

If Something Seems Wrong With Your Heater…

If you are online, hunting for things like “where can I find heater repair near me” then you’ve landed on the right page. We’ll give you the information you need to assess if and when you need expert service for your heater. Plus, you can book your repairs or your replacement with us and get expert service ASAP!

…look for these warning signs.

Be on the alert for some of the following indicators that your heater is in need of expert service.

  1. It’s making concerning noises. Rattling, hissing, clanging, booming, and continuous clicking are all sounds you don’t want to hear from your heater. While no heater runs silently, new and concerning sounds like these are definitely signs that something is wrong.
  2. High energy bills. If you’ve gotten regular tune-ups each year, then you shouldn’t see any big spikes in your energy bills when you run your heater. If, however, you do encounter a large increase in your energy bill that isn’t explained by changes in energy prices. you should talk to a professional to get your heater checked.
  3. Short cycling. This term refers to when your heater turns on and only runs for a short period of time before shutting off. It is hard on your system and bad for your home comfort.
  4. Cold air. Your heater is supposed to heat your home, not make it colder. A heater that isn’t doing its main job is in serious trouble.
  5. Weak airflow. The flow of air coming from your heating system should be strong and steady. If it’s not, and the issue isn’t resolved with a filter change, then you will need to reach out to a pro to figure out what is going on.

Something Is Wrong, But Does That Mean You Need Repairs?

We’re glad you asked! We all too often see heaters that are kept far beyond when they should have been replaced. This doesn’t mean that every heater malfunction equals an immediate need for an upgrade though. If you notice some of the symptoms above, then you already know you need service for your heater. Here are some of the differentiators that should tell you whether you need to make an appointment for a replacement rather than repairs.

  1. Old age. Any heater that is between 10-15 years old or older is due for an upgrade.
  2. Frequent repairs. A heater that needs repairs on a yearly basis is better off being replaced.
  3. Expensive repairs. Could the money put toward your repair bill pay for more than half of the price of a new system? If yes, you should really just opt for the new system.

Whatever kind of service your heater needs, you can trust our team to provide it.

Schedule your heater repair or replacement with California Indoor Comfort Inc. Where comfort and technology come together.

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