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What Went Wrong With Your Fireplace?

A gas fireplace is a part of your home that you should be able to enjoy without a struggle. Turning on the fireplace and enjoying the warmth and ambiance that it provides should be simple. The truth is that it may not always be that way.

Sometimes it is hard to tell if you need to schedule a gas fireplace repair in Fresno, other times it is easy. The best first step to figuring out when you need to make the call is to reach out to our team after checking on any of these warning signs.

How to Tell Something Is Wrong With Your Fireplace

It can help to know what the signs are of a malfunction in order to determine whether you need to get repairs for your fireplace. Read on to learn some common indicators that you have a fireplace in need of help.

Inability to ignite a flame

However your gas fireplace is set up to run, it should be relatively easy to ignite the fire. If you are flipping the switch or turning the key to get things started and discovering that you can’t get a fire started without major effort, then you are better off having your fireplace checked out.

The ongoing smell of gas

Have you turned off your fireplace but you can still pick up on the scent of gas coming from it? You may have a small gas leak in your fireplace which can be dangerous. If you think that you have an issue in your fireplace that is allowing gas to leak out, we strongly suggest having it examined and repaired ASAP.

Lack of gas supply

On the other hand, you may be faced with a total lack of fuel. One of the biggest conveniences of gas-powered fireplaces is that you don’t have to get any wood to burn. Instead, just turn on the gas and ignite it and you are good to go. So a lack of gas supply is a big problem. If this is your situation, make sure that your home’s gas supply hasn’t been turned off first. Then, call for repairs!

Strange smells emanating from the fireplace

It is time to call in the pros if you have a smelly fireplace. You may have a quick fix to accomplish such as cleaning some built-up debris out of your firebox or off of your logs. You could have a bigger issue in the system caused by chimney leaks or animal intrusion. Odd smells coming from your gas fireplace are always a good reason to call for help.

How Did It Happen?

The reality is that time takes its toll on any system in your home. Dirt and debris may clog or damage your gas burner, the line delivering the gas may develop weak spots, or other issues may pop up. Whatever the cause, our team can help diagnose the issue and resolve it. With our help, you can enjoy a properly working fireplace again.

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