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When To Get Repairs For Your Fireplace

It may be surprising to learn that your fireplace isn’t invincible. The truth is that, yes, at some point you may need to get a gas fireplace repair. The question is, how can you tell when the time has come?

Well, a complete lack of operation can be a pretty clear indicator that something is wrong. We are pretty sure that you’d like to address your fireplace’s issues before this occurs though. To help, we’ve provided some indicators to watch for that will alert you to when your fireplace needs some extra assistance.

5 Ways To Tell That Your Gas Fireplace Needs Repairs

If you are like many others in California, then you likely have a gas fireplace. Believe it or not, these systems will need maintenance and upkeep. The sooner that you get a malfunctioning gas fireplace fixed, the better off everyone will be. Here are some of the ways to tell that you need repairs for your fireplace.

  1. The consistent smell of gas: Have you noticed that your living room has started to smell more like rotten eggs? You aren’t using your gas fireplace but if there is a problem with its components, it may be leaking gas into the house. This is a problem for many reasons and is worth a call for repairs. If you are feeling the effects of carbon monoxide exposure such as headaches and nausea though, we’d advise turning off the gas line and calling emergency services first to ensure the house is safe.
  2. Inability to stay on: You turn on the gas fireplace, expecting to enjoy a nice evening with a comforting fire, but instead, the system shuts off after a few minutes. That’s not right and it is a definite sign that you need repairs. There may be problems with the gas line connection or other components may be dirty.
  3. Build-up of soot: It may come as a surprise to some people but even a gas fireplace can produce a small amount of creosote or soot. This may not seem like a big issue but it can rapidly become one. You may need your burner cleaned out or you may need a proper chimney cleaning to address the problem.
  4. The smell of burning electrical parts: The smell of gas coming from your fireplace isn’t the only smell that should concern you. There is also a chance that your fireplace may develop electrical issues that result in the distinct acrid odor created by burning electrical parts. Whether it is a frayed wire or something else, make sure to have a technician check things out.
  5. White debris in the firebox. Noticing a coat of white dust or debris inside your fireplace? This is moisture that may be present in the fireplace that doesn’t burn off properly, leaving behind a white mineral film. While not harmful to your health, it may denote a deeper problem in your fireplace that needs to be seen to.

If you have started to have trouble with your gas fireplace, it is best to have a professional take a look.

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