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Don’t Ignore a Noisy Heater

Winter is in full swing around here. That means cold temperatures that have you relying on your heater a lot over the next few months. Of course, relying on your heater shouldn’t mean that you are dealing with it making a ruckus every day.

Any heating system out there is likely to make some noise when it is in operation. Aside from the whoosh of the burners and the passage of warm air into the home though, you aren’t supposed to hear much else from this system. When your heating system starts to make concerning noises like the ones listed here, don’t ignore them; instead, reach out for heater repair in Fresno, CA.

Don’t Ignore These Noises From Your Heater

Whether you have a furnace or a heat pump, your heating system shouldn’t make an abundance of noise when you use it. The next time you turn on your heater, make sure to keep your ears alert for any of these sounds–they are a warning you will need repairs sooner than later.

  • Rattling: When you turn the heater on, do you notice it sounds like something in the system is getting shaken up? Chances are this noise is coming from a loose part such as a bolt or even a fan blade. Make sure to address this sound before it escalates.
  • Clanging: If you noticed a rattling noise in your heater but decided to ignore it, you may now find that you have a clanging or clanking noise coming from your system. This is what rattling escalates into because, at this point, the loose part has come free and is banging around inside your heating unit.
  • Banging: Speaking of things “banging” around in your system, a banging noise is actually its own concern. This can be traced to your ductwork. Banging is caused when your ducts contract after the heating cycle finishes. While this can be normal, loud banging can be a sign that your heater is oversized and needs to be serviced by a technician.
  • Screeching: A screeching or screaming noise will be hard to ignore and that is a good thing. Screeching is often caused by loose fan blades that are scraping around their housing and creating that distinct metal-on-metal noise. The sooner you get this addressed the better off your ears and your heater will be.
  • Booming: Do you have a gas-powered furnace? If you do and you hear a booming noise after you turn on your heater, reach out for professional service as soon as you can. Built-up dirt and debris can get into your furnace’s burners and delay the ignition process. This allows gas to build up in the furnace until it ignites at which point it creates that explosive noise. This is extremely hard on your furnace.


Odd noises are usually the precursor to a malfunction in your furnace. Ignoring these sounds can lead to a system breakdown that leaves you without any heat. That is why we advise homeowners to never ignore a noisy heater!

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