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3 Reasons Your Heater Can’t Make Heat

chilly-manYou walk into your home after running errands, trusting that it will provide you warm relief from the chilly weather outside. Instead, you discover that the interior of your home is barely any warmer than the conditions outside the front door. What happened?! You know that you turned on the heater to warm things up so what went wrong?

Chances are that you need to get a professional technician out to your house to perform a furnace repair in Clovis, CA. Getting your furnace heater fixed can address the reasons that your system isn’t able to heat your home. If something is up with your furnace, make sure to contact us for repairs and learn more about what may be wrong with your system here while you wait for us to arrive.

3 Reasons Your Furnace May Not Be Able to Heat

Hopefully, you already made that call or sent that email to schedule repairs! With that said, let’s explore what some of the causes are of a heater that just won’t heat.

  1. No airflow into the system: In order for your heater to be able to do its job probably it needs to have air to heat! If something is stopping the flow of air into your furnace heater it won’t be able to provide any heat into your home. This might be caused by a clogged air filter or a faulty blower fan.
  2. A problem with your heat exchanger: Your heat exchanger is going to be responsible for capturing the combustion gases the system creates. The heat exchanger heats up and warms the air around it which is then blown into the house. A problem with your heat exchanger such as a leak is going to hinder this process! If you notice poor heating combined with the smell of gas in your home, shut your furnace off as you may have a cracked heat exchanger. Reach out to us to get this part of your system repaired ASAP.
  3. Leaking or disconnected ductwork: Last but not least, make sure to have a professional check out your ducts! Your ductwork is responsible for delivering the heated air your furnace creates throughout your home. However, leaking, damaged, or even disconnected ducts are going to throw this all off. If hot air is escaping into your attic or crawlspace, it won’t impact your home temperature at all. Make sure to have a professional check out your ductwork so that it can be repaired if needed.

When something goes wrong with your furnace heater, the sooner you get the problem identified and addressed, the better it will be for your home comfort and your energy bills. The key here is making sure that you have a professional technician to be the one to get those repairs done. We are the team you can trust to get your furnace back into working order again while ensuring it does so efficiently.

Schedule your system repairs with the team at California Indoor Comfort Inc. Where comfort and technology come together.

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