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5 Reasons to Love Furnaces

gas-jetsIt’s the month when we celebrate love in its many different forms. And right now we are really really in love with our heaters. When the wind picks up and the temperatures drop, the heaters in our homes are really one of the only things standing between us and some severe discomfort.

If you are one of the many homeowners around here with a furnace, we can bet you are thanking your lucky stars for that system about now. But do you know what makes gas and electric furnaces so great? If not, we’d love to tell you a bit more.

5 Reasons to Love Your Furnace

Using a furnace to heat your home means enjoying some of the great perks this system provides. We have five great reasons that you should appreciate the hard work your furnace does.

  1. They are highly energy efficient. Modern furnaces are able to create and provide heat to your home using all electricity, or a combination of electricity and natural gas. This allows them to heat your home in a very energy-efficient manner–far better than their wood-burning or even oil-burning predecessors.
  2. They are powerful. If you’ve ever had to use a space heater or even rely on a fireplace to keep you warm, you know that these systems are often limited in what they can do. Furnaces are great because they can effectively heat up your entire home. They are powerful enough to do that!
  3. They can last a long time. When properly installed and used right, furnaces can last a good long while. This means your system can last between 10 to 15 years before it needs to be replaced. In some cases, electrical furnaces may be able to last even longer.
  4. They are safe. Both electrical and natural-gas furnaces are safe. They are made to provide heat in a safe way which means that, unless you have a furnace that has been pushed way beyond its limits, it should heat your home without presenting any safety or health hazards.
  5. They are affordable. Last but not least, furnaces are able to heat your home affordably. You don’t need to go out to buy oil or wood to burn. You don’t need to worry about spending cash on high bills created by an inefficient heater. Instead, you can enjoy reliable heating from your furnace which costs a reasonable amount each month.

There is a lot to love about your furnace! All the more reason to show this heating system some love right back. The best way to do this is by scheduling furnace service in Fresno, CA with a trained professional. You can find the professional technicians you need on our team! We can provide the best maintenance, repairs, and other services that are needed to help your furnace do the best job it possibly can. We believe in providing great service paired with reasonable prices.

Show your furnace some love this month. Reach out to California Indoor Comfort Inc to schedule the work you need. Where comfort and technology come together.

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