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Do Not Sabotage Your Heater with a Dirty Air Filter

When you get a new car, you don’t ignore its maintenance needs, right? You want your car to last, and you don’t want to deal with engine trouble that could have been easily avoided. That is why you get regular oil changes. Of course, you also want to enjoy good fuel economy. That is why you keep your tires at the pressure level. Why, then, would you ever leave a dirty air filter in your forced air heating system?

If you do not change the air filter in your heater regularly, then you are putting your system at risk of a few potentially serious problems. Consider the following information, and you’ll quickly come to realize how a fresh filter can benefit your heater in Madera, CA. If you have any further questions, we have the answers!

  • Efficiency: When you use a furnace or a heat pump (or, in the summer, a central AC), that system is going to heat (or cool) air, and then distribute that air throughout your house via your ductwork. It must also force the air through the air filter, though, which is why a clogged filter is such a problem. The harder that your forced air HVAC system has to work in order to distribute air throughout the house, the more energy it will consume. That adds up to higher energy costs.
  • Performance: When your system is struggling to distribute heated or cooled air throughout your home, it is not going to function at peak performance levels. Heat can get trapped in the system, for instance, causing it to short cycle. This puts excessive wear and tear on the system, and can lead to damages over time. With a clean air filter in place, your forced air heater or AC is just going to work better.
  • Air Quality: The standard air filter in your HVAC system may not be intended to boost the quality of the air throughout your home — a more efficient filter can handle that job — but leaving a dirty air filter in the system can negatively affect the air quality in your living space. If the filter is clogged enough, air may be forced around the filter before entering the system. This puts the system itself at risk, and can lead to the introduction of pollutants into your home.

California Indoor Comfort Inc. wants you to heat your home successfully. That means replacing your air filter as needed. Contact us if you have any questions. 

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