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Get Your Gas Fireplace Working Properly for the Holidays!

There is no denying the ambiance that a nice fire in the hearth can produce. However, many homeowners avoid traditional fireplaces due to worries about inefficiency or not wanting to deal with the cleanup. When you use a gas fireplace, though, you can enjoy the relaxing appeal of a fire throughout the holiday season without ever having to sweep up the ashes in the morning!

Keep in mind that a gas fireplace, like any other gas-burning appliance, may run into operational problems from time to time, though. If your gas fireplace is not starting up, or won’t stay lit, there are a number of potential issues that could be at play. Here are a few basic troubleshooting tips, as well as some information on when you should definitely call for professional gas fireplace repairs in Sanger, CA.

If the Fireplace Won’t Light…

Double check the gas valve. You probably don’t have much use for the gas fireplace during the hot summer season. It is wise to shut off the valve feeding the appliance natural gas when it is going out of commission for a stretch of time. You don’t need us to come out to your home just to open the valve for you.

If Gas Is Flowing the Fire Won’t Light…

It’s possible that there is a problem with your spark igniter. If you encounter this issue, make sure that you shut the gas off and give our team a call. We can certainly fix any problems with your ignition, but strongly urge you to keep the gas valve closed until the problem is resolved.

If the Fireplace Lights but Won’t Stay Lit…

There are a number of problems that could be to blame. You may have a faulty thermocouple, which will shut off the gas if unsafe combustion temperatures are registered. Of course, the thermocouple may also be doing its job properly, in which case repairs to the burner may be necessary. The jets may also need to be cleaned out thoroughly to ensure proper gas flow.

We want you to enjoy your holidays to the fullest, and the use of a gas fireplace can add a lot to the mood in your home. We also want to guarantee that you are using your gas fireplace safely, though.

If you need gas fireplace repairs, contact the professional technicians here at California Indoor Comfort Inc.

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