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3 Common Signs of Furnace Trouble

When you heat your home, you want to adjust the thermostat to the desired setting, sit back, and enjoy a warm and comfortable environment. The fact of the matter, though, is that things are not always this simple. Even the best heating systems on the market fall shy of 100% reliability.

Routine heating maintenance is definitely the best way in which to keep your heater in the best working condition possible. All heaters are mechanical systems, though. This means that yours is subject to occasional operational problems. Keep your eyes, ears, and nose alert for these common signs of furnace trouble. 

  • Burning odors. Does it smell like there is something burning when you run your furnace? If it only happens the first time that you fire up the furnace for the year, then you’ve probably just got some dust and dirt burning off in the combustion chamber or on the electric coils. If you continue smelling the burning odor, though, you may have an electrical problem, causing wires to overheat, or you may even have something lodged in your ductwork. Prompt furnace repairs in Fresno, CA will help to protect both your furnace itself, and your safety.
  • Strange sounds. Because furnaces utilize fans and other mechanical components, they do not operate entirely silently. That being said, you shouldn’t be hearing very loud or newly developing sounds coming from your furnace. If you hear a booming noise, for instance, you may be dealing with a delayed ignition problem. Screeching sounds could mean insufficient lubrication, while grinding sounds likely mean trouble with the motor or bearings.
  • Increased costs. If you see a spike in the costs associated with heating your home, but you have not really been using the heater any more than usual, any number of problems could be driving down energy efficiency. Remember that the fact that your heater is up and running doesn’t necessarily mean that it is running properly. Resolving any underlying issues will help to stave off repair needs and boost energy efficiency.

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