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What Sets Apart Inverter Heat Pump Mini Splits?

AC-unit-on-leavesHeat pump mini splits are becoming more well-known than ever. With a reputation for being highly efficient and effective, we understand why word has spread about these systems quickly! It is part of the reason why we offer the full range of heat pump services.

If you are already familiar with the efficiency that a heat pump offers, you may be somewhat surprised to hear that things could be even better. Wondering how? Let us introduce you to the incredible benefits that an inverter heat pump system can offer you.

What Makes Heat Pumps a Great Investment

Heat pump mini splits are ideal for many homes throughout Fresno. this is because they are able to provide optimal comfort year-round without the use of fossil fuels.

Heat pumps operate by using a refrigerant-based heat transfer system. In the summer, they pull heat out of the house using refrigerant to absorb and move it out of your indoor air supply. The biggest difference with a heat pump is that it has a heating mode and can reverse the process, allowing it to pull heat indoors instead. This is thanks to the system’s reversing valve which allows it to reverse its flow of refrigerant.

The Incredible Advantage of an Inverter Heat Pump

Now you know why heat pumps make such great systems for homes throughout California. The surprise is that they actually can be even better.

Inverter technology is going the same way as heat pump technology in that it is rapidly gaining popularity. This is because inverter technology makes a heat pump system even more efficient and allows you to enjoy some of the best comfort possible.

Modern heat pumps can operate at 0 (when they are off) or 100 (when they are on). There really is not in between…unless you have an inverter system. Inverters provide the ability to slow the system down as it nears the desired temperature. This means your heat pump will start out at 100 and then gradually slow to 70…then 50…then closer and closer to 0.

The benefits of this type of system include the fact that they use even less energy and provide even better home comfort! Because heat pumps slow down rather than just shutting on or off, it allows them to more consistently regulate your indoor temperatures, providing more even comfort, better air filtration, and even less strain on your electrical system.

Interested in Inverters? Reach Out Today

An inverter heat pump can be an incredible investment to make for the benefit of your home comfort. But these systems aren’t something that should be handled by an amateur. If you are looking to replace your old heat pump with an inverter system, reach out to a professional to get the quality of service necessary to give your investment the best possible start. With the help of our team, you’ll get the most outof your heat pump system no matter what.

Where comfort and technology come together: Contact California Indoor Comfort Inc for your heat pump replacement in Fresno, CA.

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