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Show Your Heater You Care: Changing the Filter

Your heater needs professional service throughout its lifespan. Things like installation, maintenance, and heater repair in Fresno, CA should always be left to a pro. But is there anything that you can do to help your heater on your own? Yes!

Any heater in your home will have a filter. Its main purpose is to keep your heater’s internal components clean. Changing your air filter can be highly beneficial to the overall well-being of your heater. What’s more, it is quick and easy!

Let’s look at when you should change your system filter and why it is so important.

Change Your Filter to Show You Care

Changing the air filter within your HVAC system is an ideal way to improve its operation and help keep your energy bills down. What’s more, it’s one of the few tasks that we actually encourage homeowners to do themselves. That’s how important it is!

How A Filter Change Benefits Your Heater

You might be wondering why we’re so encouraging about changing the filter for your heater. In short, it is because it benefits your heater’s wellbeing and, by default, that means you benefit too. Here’s the breakdown of how helpful this service can be:

  • Keep airflow strong: Changing out a dirty air filter is going to ensure that the flow of air into your heater stays strong and steady. In turn, this translates to a steady and strong flow of warm air into the house!
  • Keeps dust and debris out: A dirty heater is one that can’t operate nearly as well as a clean heater. That’s why filters are a part of your system–they keep the debris out!
  • Optimizes energy efficiency: When there is a clean air filter in place, it is going to help your heater operate efficiently too. This is because the system will be able to heat things up quickly and easily, without having to suck up extra energy to make do.
  • Combats frequent repairs: You’d be surprised how quickly a dirty air filter can start to create additional problems from your heater. Keeping the filter as clean as possible can actually be a great way to minimize the frequency of repair needs.

How Often Should You Change Your Filter?

Filter changes are something that you will want to do pretty frequently. This isn’t a once-a-week task, thankfully. But, depending on your use and your indoor air quality, you’ll want to change your filter every one to three months. This way, you can keep that airflow supply steady and clean without trouble and benefit from it in the long run.

Whether you need help with a filter change or you need assistance repairing your heater, you can always reach out for expert service from a team like ours. We are happy to offer top-quality service each and every time.

Contact California Indoor Comfort Inc to schedule your appointment for heater maintenance, repairs, or other services. Where comfort and technology come together.

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