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Your Most Common AC Repairs

man-with-fanUnfortunately, things happen, and when they do, they can certainly put a damper on your day. Let’s say you get a flat tire — you’ll probably be late to work. And what if your girlfriend breaks up with you? That’s surely enough to ruin a day. And what about if your air conditioner stops working this summer? Then what?

Well, we really can’t help you with your love life, but we can definitely help you with a broken air conditioner! There is actually quite a long list of common air conditioner repairs, and below, we have listed some of them for you! All you’ve got to do is keep reading to find out more! And remember, if you experience any of the following, you can count on our team for AC repair in Fresno, CA. 

Here’s What Could Go Wrong with Your AC

Here are some of the most common air conditioning repairs:

Thermostat Troubles

Here’s some good news — the issues you might be experiencing with your AC might not be a problem with your AC at all. In fact, a number of ‘air conditioning problems’ are actually due to trouble with the thermostat. If your thermostat can’t register temperatures in your home correctly, it becomes impossible for your AC to reach your desired temperature.

Before you call in a professional for repairs, be sure to check your thermostat settings. It is possible that it has been set to “fan only” mode. Or, it is quite possible that someone has changed the settings without your knowledge. (We know this seems pretty obvious, but trust us, we’ve seen it all before!) If neither of these seems to be the issue, do not hesitate to call in a pro!

Leaky Ductwork

Leaky air ducts can be a BIG problem! In fact, 30% of cool, conditioned air can end up escaping through breaches in the ductwork! This, in turn, has a huge effect on air conditioning performance, your comfort, and your energy bills.

When you’ve got damaged ductwork, you’ll be cooling your living space far less efficiently and effectively, resulting in a large amount of strain on your AC and higher energy bills. Therefore, it is important to have your ducts repaired at the first sign of an issue.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your air conditioner relies on the flow of refrigerant to keep your home nice and cool all summer long! Though the refrigerant in your system will never “run out”, the lines carrying it may spring a leak, and if this happens, you’re in trouble!

A refrigerant leak can lead to all sorts of other issues, including short-cycling, a loss in cooling power, and even a full system breakdown if it’s not resolved quickly. So, if you notice any liquid leaking from your AC, hear any strange hissing sounds, or notice warm spots popping up all over your home, be sure to contact a professional right away!

To schedule your air conditioning repairs, be sure to contact the professionals at California Indoor Comfort Inc. Where Comfort & Technology Come Together. 

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