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Why Short Cycling Is Bad News

Have you noticed that your air conditioning turns on just to turn off again within a brief number of minutes? At first, it might seem like that means that your AC is just having to put forth less effort to get the job done. However, we want you to know the truth. Your AC system is short cycling and this is bad news.

If you have a system that has started to short cycle, it means that you will need to schedule air conditioning repair in Clovis, CA sooner than later. This isn’t just a problem for your system operation, it will also rapidly become a problem for your energy bills.

Below, we’ll give you the information you need to know about short cycling, from what causes it to what it takes to resolve it.

Why Short Cycling Is So Bad

Short cycling is a situation in which something is cutting off your air conditioner’s cooling cycle. We can assure you that your AC system hasn’t started to do its job faster. The reality is that your AC is rapidly losing its ability to do its job at all. Short cycling is the result of a problem and it may be a cause for additional trouble too. That is why, if you noticed your AC short cycling, you need to reach out for expert service ASAP.

3 Possible Causes of Short Cycling

Curious about what can lead to a short cycling system? Here are some possible causes.

  1. A dirty air filter: We know this sounds minor but trust us when we say that a dirty air filter left in place for too long can and will lead to increased trouble for your AC unit. If you don’t change out your filter often enough it will start to reduce the airflow into your system, increasing the strain on the system and eventually leading to short cycling it struggles to create cool air, putting it at risk of overheating.
  2. A refrigerant leak: Another major cause of short cycling is when your system develops a refrigerant leak. Losing refrigerant actually undermines the entire cooling process and creates additional strain on your AC that can lead to short cycling. This may also lead to ice collecting on the evaporator coil which will worsen the issue.
  3. A bad thermostat: One other cause of short cycling in your air conditioner may be that your thermostat is causing trouble. If the thermostat becomes miscalibrated and cannot detect temperature correctly it may shut your system off early, leading to short cycling.

The Solutions

So how can you avoid your air conditioner starting to short cycle? We’d advise taking these ideas into account.

  1. Change your air filter: You need to keep a clean air filter in place to keep your AC system running properly. Change your air filter every one to three years to ensure that you avoid reduced airflow causing a short cycling issue.
  2. Schedule AC repairs: Having trouble with a refrigerant leak or an icy evaporator coil? Then you need prompt AC repairs!
  3. Schedule a thermostat upgrade: If your thermostat is causing your AC problems, a thermostat upgrade may be a great solution that we can help you with.

Where comfort and technology come together: Contact the experts at California Indoor Comfort Inc for your next AC service.

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