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What Problems Your AC May Face This Year


Does it feel too early to be discussing air conditioning repair in Fresno? While you may not be using your AC just yet, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for whatever the summer may throw your way.

Leaving any issue with your AC unaddressed is only likely to cause it to worsen and can put you at risk of losing the system altogether. Here’s what you should know about possible issues your AC could run into this summer. With this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to get your system the services it needs that much sooner.

Issue #1: Your air conditioner starts short cycling

Short cycling refers to when your AC unit is unable to complete a full cooling cycle. Instead, it will turn on and run for a few brief minutes only before turning off again. This can undermine your system’s energy efficiency and your home comfort.

Short cycling can be both an indicator of trouble and can cause additional issues. Some of the problems that can lead to short cycling can include a clogged air filter, a dirty evaporator coil, a faulty thermostat, and more.

Issue #2: Your AC makes your energy bill unmanageable

We aren’t saying that your energy bill won’t be impacted by the use of your air conditioner. What we are saying is that there is a big difference between a change of a few dollars each month versus huge spikes in your monthly bills.

If turning on your air conditioner causes large increases in your monthly energy costs, especially if they are enough to make you consider being without the use of the system, then it means that your system has a problem that needs to be dealt with.

Issue #3: The system stops producing enough cool air

An air conditioner is made to pull heat out of the air in your home, creating cool airflow that will make your indoor environment more comfortable. If your AC is unable to complete this function, then what you have is a system akin to a very expensive fan. A lack of cooling could be due to a refrigerant leak, compressor malfunction, poor airflow, or another issue.

Issue #4: The system stops responding to you

This problem can appear in a couple of different ways. The first way that it pops up (and usually this is the one we get a call about pretty quickly), is when the AC doesn’t turn on in response to your thermostat changes in any way. This may be due to disconnected wires or it could be that, sadly, your AC has broken down and needs replacing.

Another way that this can pop up is when your AC unit never shuts off, no matter what you do at the thermostat. In either case, you’ll have an uncomfortable home and high energy bills to contend with until a technician assesses your system.

If you notice any of these malfunctions in your air conditioner, your best option is to have a technician come visit your house and check things out. Our technicians can diagnose and address the problem your system is dealing with in a timely manner.

Contact California Indoor Comfort Inc for your AC repair and maintenance needs this summer. Where comfort and technology come together!

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