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Now Is the Time to Upgrade Your AC!

AC-on-moneyFor some reason, a lot of homeowners seem to think that they have to wait for their air conditioning systems to break down entirely before they go ahead and replace that system. However, this really is not the case. Now, we know that you want to get the best performance possible from your home cooling system, and you want that system to last as long as it can. Sometimes, though, letting your AC go out on a high note makes the most sense.

One reason to consider replacing your air conditioner before it breaks down entirely is to invest in more energy efficiency. Just because your air conditioner is still up and running doesn’t mean that you have to continue running it. Consider your system’s overall efficiency, review your recent cooling costs, and give us a call if you think it may be time to upgrade your air conditioner in Selma, CA with a more efficient model.

How Is Air Conditioning Efficiency Measured

Today it is easier than ever to invest in highly efficient air conditioning systems. There are very clear ratings given to all air conditioners that will give you an idea of how efficiently they will operate. An air conditioner is given a SEER rating, which stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. This ratio compares the level of cooling output over a typical cooling season against the electric energy input over the course of that same season.

The higher that a SEER rating is, the more efficient the system will operate. Now, you are going to be paying more upfront for a very efficient system over a less efficient system. However, you can recoup your initial investment over time in the form of energy savings. We install ACs with SEER ratings of 14 and higher, so be sure to give us a call to ask about your air conditioning upgrade options.

Boost Efficiency Even Further!

If you are ready to invest in a new cooling system, then we have a great opportunity for you to take advantage of. With the installation of any new air conditioning system, we are offering our customers a free Wi-Fi thermostat! The Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi thermostat is a real game changer for homeowners.

While a basic programmable thermostat is going to allow you to develop a cooling program based around your own personal schedule, it cannot compete with the level of control that a Wi-Fi thermostat has to offer. With an Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi thermostat, you have complete control over your home comfort, even when you are not at home.

These thermostats are fully programmable, but they are also Wi-Fi enabled. That means that you can control the thermostat and your cooling system from anywhere that you have an internet connection. The free Sensi app can be used to adjust the operation of your system right from your smart phone. Integrate smart technology into your HVAC system for truly superior comfort and efficiency.

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