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It’s Never Too Late for an AC Tune-UP

If you haven’t scheduled your AC maintenance appointment yet this year, you may be feeling regretful. Is it too late to schedule your appointment now? The good news is, it’s never too late for an AC tune-up. As the saying goes, better late than never. Even though it is already summer, our team can still stop by your home to assess your air conditioner and tweak it for the coming months. 

After all, the hottest days of summer are still ahead of us, and you don’t want to face an unexpected AC breakdown. Keep reading to learn more about why AC maintenance is crucial for your air conditioner, even if you schedule the appointment a little later in the year than usual.

Catch Problems Early

One of the best ways to prevent major repairs later on is to identify and fix problems while they are smaller and easier to address. A loose belt, bent fan blade, or parts that need lubrication are not always obvious at first. They may not make unusual noises or cause a lack of cooling. Once these problems do you become obvious, they are already more serious. 

Ideally, someone on our team can catch these problems before your AC begins to make unusual sounds or lose functionality. That’s the beauty of annual AC maintenance. We can get in and inspect all of your AC’s components and fix things all along over the life of your unit. Our expert eyes see things that you might otherwise miss. 

Improve Efficiency

Investing in AC maintenance is not just about the long-term efficiency of your air conditioner. You can actually see results immediately following an AC tune-up. If you’ve noticed your energy bills creeping up as the summer gets hotter, AC maintenance is a great way to save some money. We still have several hot months ahead of us this summer and the savings can add up quickly.

It’s easy to look at AC maintenance as an expense, but it’s actually an investment. The cost can easily balance out when you consider the savings on your monthly energy bills. And the benefit is twofold. First, AC maintenance can help to lower your existing energy use. But it can also prevent your energy use from continuing to go up, saving you even more.

AC Lifespan

Consistent annual AC maintenance is also a big factor in how long your air conditioner lasts. If your air conditioner is still fairly new, you may not be too worried about when you’ll have to replace the unit. That could be five or 10 years away which seems like long enough. But time goes quickly and the years will roll by before you know it. 

When you invest in air conditioning maintenance, you can easily get several extra years out of your air conditioner, increasing its lifespan. When you consider how much it costs to install a new air conditioner, this can be a huge savings. Not to mention the fact that it gives you more time to save toward a new unit so that you’re prepared to invest in a replacement when the time comes.

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