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Is Your Heater in Trouble?

chilly-manIt does not take much more than a quick glance outside to see that the summer weather is truly behind us for another season. There may not be any growing snowbanks in our area, but the days are a bit drearier and the chill in the air is palpable. As we discussed in our previous post, it is important that you get your heater ready for winter before things around here get any colder. That being said, no amount of professional heating maintenance is going to make your heater 100% reliable.

The key to heating your home reliably is not to achieve 100% reliability, though. It is to keep your system in great shape, and to handle any problems that may develop with that system as soon as possible. Fortunately for you, doing so is very simple. In fact, reading this right now means that you are already in the right place! When you suspect the need for heating repairs in Clovis, CA, dial our number right away!

When to Schedule Heating Repairs

Okay, so you know that you need to schedule heating repairs when your system is in trouble. So you just give us a call when the heater breaks down, right? Wrong! Ideally, your heater will never break down before you schedule your heating repairs. This may not always be the reality of the situation, but you’ll typically find that your heater exhibits signs of duress well before a breakdown occurs — provided that you know what you are looking for.

  • Inexplicable spikes in heating costs are a good warning sign to be aware of. Even if your heater seems to be functioning relatively normally, a spike in the costs associated with running that heater probably means that there is a problem resulting in reduced energy efficiency. It is always best to play it safe, so let us know if your heating budget is taking a hit.
  • Strange sounds or odors could also indicate that there is a problem with your heater demanding repairs. For example, clanging sounds could mean that there is a loose component in the system, whereas a burning odor could indicate unsafe combustion. Ignoring such symptoms just because the heater is distributing heat effectively could mean putting the condition of your heater, or even your own safety, at risk.
  • Cold air blowing from vents is probably the most obvious sign of trouble with a forced air heating system. It could mean that your heater is not generating enough heat, or that your air ducts are damaged. Whatever the case may be, your comfort and your budget will be better off once you’ve had the issue resolved by a trained professional.

Just because our heating systems don’t see as heavy of use as our air conditioners do does not mean that you can afford to ignore the signs of trouble that your heater is exhibiting. Contact us when you have concerns of any kind. We’ll make sure that your heater is back on track as soon as possible.

Contact California Indoor Comfort Inc. if you think that your heater is in trouble. 

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