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Why Use a Furnace to Heat My Home?

cold-manDon’t let our hot summer weather fool you. When the colder temperatures of winter come back around, you are really going to feel them. If you want to ensure that your home is comfortable on even the chilliest nights of the year, you are going to have to schedule professional heating services with trained professionals. Our team fits the bill. This is never truer than when it comes to your heating installation.

Even before you get to the actual installation of your heater, of course, you are going to need to determine what type of heating system you will use in your home. One very popular option is the furnace, and it really is not difficult to understand why. So if the time is coming to replace an old heater, or if you need one installed in a brand new property, consider having us install a furnace in Reedley, CA.

The Benefits of Forced Air Heating

A furnace is a forced air heating system, which means that it does not apply heat to surfaces as a radiant heater does, nor does it use baseboards or radiators to heat a property. Instead, air is heated directly in the furnace, and that heated air is then distributed throughout the entire house. While this allows you to bring temperatures up throughout the home quickly and, when the ductwork is properly designed and well-maintained, effectively as well.

There Are Some Drawbacks

As is the case with any home heating system, the furnace does have some drawbacks that you should consider. The aforementioned air ducts can leak, for instance, and that can lead to heated air leaking out into unconditioned parts of the house.  That drives up energy costs, as the system will have to heat more air in order to account for that waste.

There is also the matter of indoor air quality to consider.  If your ducts are leaking, they can pull pollutants into them. Ductwork can also get dirty during regular operation. If your ducts aren’t sealed effectively or professionally cleaned as needed, then a furnace may leave you wishing for an alternate heating source.

In Many Cases, the Good Outweighs the Bad

No heating system is perfect, and no heating system is perfect for everyone. Some people in our area swear by their heat pumps, while others find the dependability of a furnace irresistible. Ultimately, the decision is in your hands.

Should you have any questions about your furnace options, we can answer those, too. We install both gas and electric models, with natural gas being the preferred fuel of many. Natural gas is delivered right to the appliance, and can be used in many other applications throughout the house.

If you don’t have access to natural gas, though, or if you want to avoid piping it into your home, an electric furnace is definitely worth considering.  Just keep in mind that, while extremely efficient, the electricity used to generate heat in these systems is more expensive than natural gas. That can result in higher operating costs.

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