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Don’t Miss End-of-the-Season Repairs

HVAC-technician-at-doorWe can all say that this summer has been a rough one. Between high heat, excruciating temperatures, the inability to rely on relief from places like the community pool, and other issues, summer has been a season of struggle for a lot of us. It has also been a season in which we have all relied heavily on our air conditioner systems.

With months of regular use, any air conditioner is going to accrue some wear and tear that may lead to the development of AC repair needs, not to worry, this is a fairly common issue towards the end of the cooling season. The thing you have to remember is that you never want to delay getting those repairs fixed.

5 End-of-Season Repairs Your AC Might Need

Just because there is cool weather on the horizon doesn’t mean it is time to ignore any problems with your AC. Anything you leave unaddressed now will only wait until next summer to pop back up and mess with your comfort–and it is likely to only have gotten worse. These are some of the repair needs that you might need to deal with before the heating season kicks off.

  1. A dirty evaporator coil: The evaporator coil in your air conditioner can start to collect an excess of dirt and other airborne debris on it over time. This might not seem bad but it can be a huge problem for your system’s effectiveness and efficiency. Only allow a professional to handle the cleaning and upkeep of your evaporator coil.
  2. A problematic thermostat: Have you noticed that your thermostat isn’t cooperating with you lately? Maybe it is reading the temperature in your home incorrectly or it simply isn’t responding right. In any case, a faulty thermostat needs to be repaired or replaced (This will benefit your heater’s effectiveness too).
  3. Blower fan issues: The blower fan in your AC is responsible for driving the cool air that your system produces out into your home, whether via ducts and vents or through air handlers. If something is up with your blower fan, such as a bad motor belt or loose parts, the sooner you get it addressed the better off you will be.
  4. Low refrigerant levels: Refrigerant isn’t fuel; it is actually used to transfer heat out of the air in your home. If your AC system has a refrigerant leak it will result in lower refrigerant levels which will cause added problems for your AC. Don’t ignore this! If your refrigerant is low, contact a professional to get the leak repaired and your refrigerant recharged (refilled).
  5. Condensate line clogs: As your AC unit pulls heat from the air in your home, it also causes the condensation of any airborne moisture as well. This condensation eventually flows off your coil (bringing some dust with it usually) and flows out of your home via the condensate line. Over time, this drain can become clogged and needs to be cleared out to avoid problems with your system.

Whether your system is struggling with one of the repair needs listed above, or it is dealing with something else, you should always schedule repairs with a pro as soon as you can, whether you’re looking for AC repair in Clovis, CA or beyond.

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