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Does Your AC Need To Be Cleaned?

Over the life of your air conditioner, you can face a variety of problems. Some AC problems are really complicated and others are simple. For example, sometimes your AC is just flat-out dirty and needs to be cleaned out.

When you need an AC service in Clovis, CA, you want to call our expert technicians. We see a variety of AC problems, day in and day out, and we can help with all of your problems, big and small. If you’re wondering whether your AC problems could be caused by dust and grime that has been collected inside, keep reading and learn about the signs that your air conditioner is dirty.

Lack of Airflow

You can check airflow by holding your hand up to a vent around your home. If your AC is on and switched to cooling mode, you should feel a strong stream of cold air. It’s possible that the airflow is lukewarm with good airflow, or weak but still cold.

If the airflow is weak, that could be caused by a buildup of dirt inside the system. Your air conditioner needs streamlined airflow to be the most efficient. Even though the particles are tiny, dust and dirt can stir up when your air conditioner turns on and interfere with airflow. Cold air gets trapped inside of your air vents instead of reaching the rooms of your home. 

Dust Around the Vents

Noticing a dusty buildup around your actual vents is also an indication that your air conditioner itself is dirty. When you hold your hand up to check airflow, you should also inspect the vents up close to see if you notice any dust. 

Musty Odors

There should never be any bad smells coming out of the air vents in your home. Bad odors can be more than just an inconvenience. If the air coming out of your vents is particularly musty, that’s a sign of mold and mildew growth in the system, particularly in the ductwork. Those spores can be dangerous for you and your family’s health. 

The bad odors can also be dangerous in other ways. If the air coming out of your vents has a burnt smell, there may be an electrical issue somewhere in your AC system. Loose wires or bad connections can pose a fire hazard for your home. While this requires a little more than cleaning, it’s definitely an issue that we can take care of when we are already at your home. 

Long Cooling Cycles

Another sign that your air conditioner needs to be cleaned is if your cooling cycles are getting longer and longer. When your air conditioner is dirty, that can impact how well the system is able to cool your home. If your AC is not producing the desired results, it will stay on longer and work harder in an effort to do so. This can add to the wear and tear on your air conditioner as well as increase your energy bills all while your home still feels warmer than you would like it to. 

Where comfort and technology come together. The team at California Indoor Comfort is here to help with all your air conditioner needs, so schedule an appointment today.

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