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Dealing with a Refrigerant Leak

service-timeThe heat has arrived in full force here in California–it is not the time you want to start having air conditioning problems. But that isn’t always how it works out, obviously. There are plenty of problems your air conditioner can encounter when the heat is high and your comfort demands are too.

One example of this is if you have a refrigerant leak. A refrigerant leak in your cooling system is going to be a pretty big problem in very short order. Your biggest defense against this issue is going to be professional AC repairs that resolve the leak and provide the refrigerant recharge you need. The question is, how does this issue occur and how can you tell?

We can help answer these questions and provide the repairs you need to get your system in working order again.

How Does a Refrigerant Leak Happen?

Over time, your air conditioner may develop a leak in its refrigerant line. This can happen in more than one way. The first way it can happen is that the tubes of the evaporator coils in your system vibrate during operation and rub against each other to create the leak. The second way is that the condenser coils can wear out after continued use and develop holes. Thirdly, a refrigerant line may become damaged or develop leaks in the system’s joints or connections.

How Can You Tell You Have a Leak

If you have a refrigerant leak in your AC system, the sooner you schedule an AC repair the better it will be for your home comfort. To know that you need to schedule this service you have to know what the warning signs are that you have a problem on your hands, otherwise that repair can escalate to a replacement. Here are the indicators to watch for:

  • Your AC is short cycling or never shuts off: An air conditioner should have a 15-minute cooling cycle on average. If your system is either running constantly or never gets past the 10-minute mark, this is an indicator that your system may be short on refrigerant.
  • There is no cool air: Consistent AC cycles aren’t going to do any good if your system is unable to absorb any heat. A refrigerant leak may not shut down your system immediately but it will stop it from producing cool air.
  • Energy bills are increasing: If your air conditioner is still trying to provide cool air to your home but has no refrigerant, it is going to impact your energy bills because your AC will suck up excessive amounts of energy to try to cool things off.

If you have a refrigerant leak it will be something that has a major impact on your home comfort. What’s more, it can harm your AC over time too by adding to the amount of wear and tear it collects. You want to repair this issue as soon as possible.

Contact California Indoor Comfort Inc to schedule the AC services you need, offering repair from Fresno, to the surrounding region! Where comfort and technology come together.

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