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Air Conditioning Repairs: What’s That Sound?

AC-techniciansWhile certain areas of the company are bracing for colder weather, we’ve still got plenty of time to run our air conditioners ahead of us. Just because cooler temperatures may be on the horizon is no reason to ignore the signs that your air conditioner is in trouble. No matter how late in the season it may be, prompt air conditioning repairs in Selma, CA are always in your best interest.

Of course, taking prompt action in the event of air conditioning problems does necessitate that you are able to recognize the signs of trouble early on. While keeping an eye out for signs of trouble is important, so too is keeping your ears open – so important, in fact, that it is the topic of this blog post! Read on to learn about some of the noises your AC may make when operating under duress. 

The Sounds of Trouble

There are certain sounds that are going to sound the alarm, so to speak, with any air conditioner. Before we get into them, let us say first that, as the homeowner, you know your air conditioner best. Depending upon where the units are located and the design of your home, your system may be a bit more audible than others in differently designed homes. Ultimately, any increasingly loud or abnormal sounds coming from your system should be evaluated by a trained professional. Now, some of the common sounds signaling trouble.

  • Banging is one of the most obvious sounds that can indicate a problem with your AC. Often, this will be the result of a part that is broken, or has at least become loose in its fixtures. Continuing to run the system while ignoring the problem could result in serious damage to these components, and the system at large.
  • Clicking sounds may not be as immediately noticeable or as immediately troubling as loud bangs coming from your air conditioner, but they are still a sign that all is not well. The system may click softly when starting up or shutting down, but constant clicking is concerning. It could well indicate an issue with an electrical component or the wiring in the system.
  • Screeching is definitely a noise that should sound the alarm if its point of origin seems to be your air conditioner. It may be something simple, such as a worn out or loose fan belt. However, it could also be coming from the motor itself, or it may be the result of the blower wheel malfunctioning.

Again, these are just a few examples of sounds that could mean AC repairs of some kind are necessary. When in doubt, contact a member of our team to report strange sounds of any nature coming from your air conditioning system. The last thing that you want to do is allow relatively “minor” issues to result in big problems because they’ve been given the time necessary for doing so.

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