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AC Tune-Ups: A Job for Professionals

AC-technician-outdoorsHere in California, our air conditioning systems see a lot of use throughout the summer season — and that season can really drag on sometimes. All of that use naturally leads to considerable wear and tear on your air conditioning system. Now, this in and of itself is not a problem. What is a problem, however, is failing to schedule a routine air conditioning tune-up in Fresno, CA each and every year.

When you overlook the maintenance services that your air conditioner needs, you are opening up your system to a world of otherwise avoidable problems. Another mistake that homeowners may make is thinking that they can handle their air conditioning maintenance on their own. No offense intended to those homeowners with a strong DIY ethic, but the fact is that an AC tune-up is simply a job for trained professionals. Here’s why.

It’s More Involved Than You May Realize

Part of the problem as to why homeowners mistakenly believe that routine air conditioning maintenance is not all that important or that it doesn’t require the skill and expertise of a professional technician is the fact that they fail to realize the scope of the service. Routine maintenance demands much, much more than simply cleaning out the unit and its casings. There are multiple electrical components and wiring that must be inspected and tested. Moving parts must be lubricated. Refrigerant levels checked. Simply put, no amount of internet how-to videos is going to give you the knowledge and experience needed to tune up your system.

You May Damage Your System or Void Warranties

Whenever a non-professional attempts to service a system such as a whole-house air conditioner, there are a number of concerns. Not the least of these is personal harm. Even if you are willing to risk your own safety for some reason, however, there are other factors to consider. A major one is the fact that you could wind up damaging your air conditioning system if you try to tune it up. Even worse, doing so may void warranties, meaning that fixing any damage that you do may come at your own expense. If you ask us, scheduling professional maintenance and knowing that the job is done right really is a no-brainer.

There Are Steps That You Can Take

Now that we’ve gotten those main points out of the way, we’re going to let you in on a secret. There are a few maintenance steps that you can handle on your own — just not a full tune-up. For instance, your air filter is going to have to be changed somewhere in the ballpark of every 1–3 months. You cannot just wait for your tune-up to come around before having that done. Secondly, you can keep the area surrounding your outdoor unit clean and clear of debris. These simple tasks will help to keep your system functioning properly between your regularly scheduled, professional maintenance services.

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