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Don’t Forget to Schedule Your AC Tune-Up!

Monday, April 17th, 2017

AC-being-servicedThe weather has not beenĀ too warm lately, with daytime temperatures maxing out in the mid-70’s for the most part. Before long, though, that number is going to be creeping up higher, and you are going to be using your air conditioner regularly in order to keep your home cool and comfortable for everyone within. The last thing that you want to do is to risk a subpar performance from your AC, or even operational issues that could have easily been avoided.

That is why you need to give our team a call and schedule professional air conditioning maintenance in Fresno, CA. When your air conditioner is tuned up on a regular basis by a trained professional, you can count on getting the most efficient and reliable performance possible from that system. It gets too warm around here throughout the summer season to take any chances with the overall operation of your AC, and air conditioning maintenance is a job that only trained professionals can handle.

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Now Is the Time to Upgrade Your AC!

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

AC-on-moneyFor some reason, a lot of homeowners seem to think that they have to wait for their air conditioning systems to break down entirely before they go ahead and replace that system. However, this really is not the case. Now, we know that you want to get the best performance possible from your home cooling system, and you want that system to last as long as it can. Sometimes, though, letting your AC go out on a high note makes the most sense.

One reason to consider replacing your air conditioner before it breaks down entirely is to invest in more energy efficiency. Just because your air conditioner is still up and running doesn’t mean that you have to continue running it. Consider your system’s overall efficiency, review your recent cooling costs, and give us a call if you think it may be time to upgrade your air conditioner in Selma, CA with a more efficient model.

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