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5 Ways To Improve Your Home Efficiency

When it comes to using the systems around your house, effectiveness isn’t the only thing that you want to take into account. You want your home systems to be as energy-efficient as possible too. Otherwise, a lot of us would be dissuaded from using the very systems that are meant to make our lives easier!

If you are looking for some ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home, we’d love to help you out! Read on to learn some new tips and discover some systems and services that will help you enjoy a more comfortable home at a more reasonable price.

1. Change your system’s air filter

The filter for your HVAC system protects the internal components of your home comfort system from dust and other debris. If the filter becomes too saturated with airborne contaminants, it will hinder the flow of air into your system, reducing your comfort and straining your system. As a response, the system will use more energy to try to make up for the lack of air it produces. Changing your air filter is the easiest way to optimize your system efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Address air leaks around doors and windows

Air leaks are going to allow air to escape from your home and increase the amount of work your HVAC system has to do. Finding and sealing air leaks around your home keeps the cool air your AC produces in your home where it belongs and prevents your system from running more often than it needs to.

3. Improve your home’s insulation

The insulation in your home acts as a thermal barrier, preventing heat from entering your home as quickly during summer. If your insulation is too worn down though, it won’t function as well as it should, causing your home to heat up, your AC to run more often, and your energy bills to increase. Talk to a technician about assessing your insulation to ensure that your home is kept cooler for longer.

4. Use a whole-house fan

whole-house fan in Fresno, CA is a great appliance that you can ask us to install to improve your home. This type of fan can help increase the circulation throughout your entire home, improving comfort and indoor air quality too. This can allow you to rely on your AC system a little less and use less energy as a result. If you are hoping to install a whole-house fan in your home, you can come to us to get the job done.

5. Schedule AC maintenance and repairs

If you want to ensure that you can use your AC without the worry of it using extra energy, scheduling yearly maintenance and prompt repairs. Maintenance can prevent up to a 5% loss of energy each year and the sooner issues in the system are repaired, the less they’ll be able to drain extra energy to keep the AC running.

Where comfort and technology come together, you’ll find the best service around. Contact California Indoor Comfort Inc to get the expert service you need to enjoy a comfortable and efficient home. 

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