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3 Reasons to Add a Whole House Fan

There are days when things are warm but not too warm so all you really need is a nice breeze to stay comfortable. This is an ideal state especially if you can get that nice breeze in your home. Rather than setting up multiple plug-in fans to do that, why not consider a whole-house option?

Much like an air conditioner, a whole-house fan is going to provide service for the entire home, not just one room. This system is made to help circulate the air in the home, improving your comfort and keeping you cooler as a result. Let’s discuss more of the details of whole house fans in Fresno, CA below to see if adding one to your home is a good idea.

Understand Your Whole-House Fan

It helps to understand exactly what we are talking about before we discuss the benefits. Whole house fans are similar to attic fans. The difference is that, instead of just moving hot air out of the attic, a whole-house fan is actually connected to the rest of the house so it can pull hot air out and push cooler air in. This can allow the fan to keep you cool without the aid of an air conditioner or it can help subsidize the job your AC has to do.

3 Great Benefits of a Whole-House Fan

Considering installing this system? Here are some great benefits you’ll enjoy if you do

  1. Provides cooler, fresher air: First and foremost, whole-house fans are going to help pull in cooler, fresher air into your home. This feels lovely when the house is hot and stuffy. It also means that it can let you know if and when the temperature outside is starting to drop to a more comfortable level on a hot day which means you can reduce your AC use.
  2. Can help keep you cool without an AC: Don’t have an air conditioner in your home? We’d suggest having one installed since our summers can get pretty intense but we know that isn’t an option for everyone. Thankfully, a whole-house fan can help bridge the comfort gap a bit by keeping things cooler than they would be otherwise. This can help you enjoy a livable indoor environment even without that AC system.
  3. Energy-efficient operation: Whether you do or don’t have an AC, your whole-house fan is going to be an energy-efficient investment. These are systems that are made to have the best possible effect on your home comfort without using excessive amounts of energy. What’s more, if you do have an AC unit, this system can help reduce the temperature in the house effectively enough that it reduces the amount of work your AC has to do–saving you money in the long run.

If you are looking to install a whole-house fan in your home, reach out to our team for the professional service you need to get the job done.

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