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Single Stage Vs Two Stage Furnaces

Did you know that you can choose between a single-stage or two-stage furnace? While one of them is working 100% of the time, the other alternates to reduce overall wear and tear to the system. Having a two-stage furnace can be a huge benefit in several ways, including efficiency, overall comfort, and system longevity.

When it’s time for a furnace replacement in Fresno, give our team a call to schedule your appointment. We can talk about installing a two-stage furnace to elevate your comfort for the coming winter season. You can keep reading to learn more about both types of furnaces and why a two-stage furnace might be better for your home.

How a Single-Stage Furnace Works

First, it is important to understand that a single-stage operation is the standard for most furnaces. If you have a central furnace in your home, there is a good chance that it is a single-stage furnace. With a single-stage furnace, your furnace has a single mode of operation and it works at a high level to provide heat around the clock for your home. Even with milder temperatures outside, your heater is still working at full capacity with a single-stage furnace.

How a Two-Stage Furnace Works

A two-stage furnace has two modes of operation. It can work at the highest level, but there’s also a lower level of operation that gives your furnace a little bit of a break so it doesn’t have to work as hard. This setting is primarily designed for when temperatures are milder outside so your furnace won’t have to work quite as hard to heat your home. 

It is important to know that these are not settings you need to select or change on your furnace. Instead, the process is automated. Your heater senses when it needs to work harder versus when it can operate at a slightly lower level and makes those adjustments automatically. No matter what, your home will remain comfortably warm. When the heater needs to amp up power, it will. 

Benefits of a Two-Stage Furnace 

The main goal of a two-stage furnace is that it is more energy efficient when it can be. All furnaces are designed to work hard and provide heat when your family needs it most. But during the fall and spring seasons, temperatures may not be cold enough for your heater to necessitate full power. During these times, your heater can operate at a lower capacity to still keep your home comfortable while also helping you save some money on energy costs. 

In addition to the savings, this also lessens the wear and tear on your furnace so that it has the potential for a longer lifespan. The less strain that the unit takes on overall, the longer that it can last. It’s possible for you to adjust temperature settings on a standard furnace, but not adjust the speed of operation. This benefit is unique to a two-stage furnace. 

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