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How to Decide: Heater Repair or Replacement

There comes a time in your heater’s life when you have to decide whether to invest in repairs to keep it running a little longer or replace it with a newer model. There are many times when heating repairs make sense, but other times it’s more obvious that heater replacement makes sense.

You can schedule an appointment with our team for heater repair in Clovis. During a repair checkup, we can let you know whether or not we think repairs are viable. If we recommend that it’s time for a heating system replacement, we can review your options with you. You can keep reading to learn more about when you might want to repair your heating system versus replacing it with a newer model.

When to Repair Your Heater

It’s a good idea to repair your heater if the repair needs are fairly minor. Inexpensive repairs are to be expected from time to time with your heater. In fact, making small tweaks to the system is a great way to make sure it has the chance for a long lifespan.

It’s also a good idea to repair your heater if it is newer and still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. If there are any of my major problems that go wrong, the manufacturer’s warranty will cover the costs. 

When to Replace Your Heater

If your heater is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, it may be a good idea to consider a replacement. Of course, heaters are known to last for anywhere from 10-15 years. Closer to the 10-year mark, it may still make sense to invest in repairs. But the older that your heater gets, the more likely it is time to replace it.

If you schedule a repair appointment and the bill is thousands of dollars, that is also a red flag of something major being wrong. Sometimes it makes more sense to put that money toward a brand-new heater instead of spending it on a major repair that may or may not extend the lifespan significantly. When we visit your home for heater service, we can talk to you about your options and make a recommendation based on our years of experience.

Choosing a New Heater

When it comes to choosing a new heating system, there’s a lot to consider. You can choose between a gas or electric furnace, heat pump, or even a ductless mini split system that offers heating and cooling all in one. You also have to consider individual brands and the efficiency rating of each type of system.

A higher energy rating usually means that a system is more energy efficient and will cost you less to operate from month to month. If it is time to replace your heater, we can help you make the best selection for your home and your family.

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