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Benefits of Using Heat Pumps

Trane-heat-pumpWhile many people seem to enjoy living in the icy conditions of the Northeast and the Midwest, those of us here in California certainly prefer our mild winter conditions. Mild as they may be, of course, our winter temperatures still regularly drop below comfortable levels. You need a good heater in Selma, CA if you want to make it through the winter season unscathed.

There are a lot of different heaters on the market today. We want to talk about one in particular this week: the heat pump. A heat pump is quite unique in its operation, and the nature of our winter weather makes our climate perfect for the use of such a system. Consider the following benefits of using a heat pump to keep your home comfortable, and remember to contact us when the time comes for an HVAC installation or replacement. 

First Things First: How Does It Work?

In order to understand the way in which a heat pump can benefit you, you must first understand how it is that a heat pump actually operates. Heat pumps are capable of both heating and cooling homes, because they rely on the heat transfer process, rather than the creation of new heat, in order to heat those homes. The heat transfer process is made possible by the refrigerant cycle.

In the summer, the heat pump works much like a traditional central air conditioner. Refrigerant is evaporated in the indoor coil, and this allows the system to absorb heat from the air in the home. That heat is then vented outdoors, as the refrigerant is condensed in the outdoor coil. Unlike a traditional AC system, though, the heat pump is actually capable of reversing this refrigerant cycle. That allows it to heat as well.

A reversing valve allows for the reversal of the refrigerant cycle. The function of the indoor and outdoor coils of the system is reversed, meaning that heat is now absorbed from the air outside thanks to the evaporation of refrigerant. That refrigerant is condensed indoors, and its heat is used to heat the house. This operation results in some serious benefits.

Benefits of the Heat Pump

There are benefits to using a heat pump in both heating and cooling modes. These include the following.

  1. When cooling your home, the heat pump will run in longer cycles. This allows it to dehumidify the air more than a traditional AC would, which in turn helps the system to cool your home more efficiently and comfortably.
  2. In the winter, the heat pump will use up to 50% less electricity than than an electric furnace or baseboards would. This results in much greater efficiency and affordability.
  3. Heat pumps allow you to heat and cool your entire home with just one system, eliminating the need for designated heating and cooling systems.
  4. Heat pumps come in ductless models, so you don’t have to worry about the installation of ductwork in an existing home.
  5. Our mild winters are perfect for utilizing existing heat in the heating of your home.

Be sure to schedule your heat pump services with the professional technicians here at California Indoor Comfort Inc. Where comfort and technology come together.



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